6 Reasons Why Dogs Make Great Companions

Deciding to get a dog is about much more than getting a pet. While you are responsible for its physical and mental wellbeing as you would be with all pets, dogs give you so much more than that in return. They become our friends, our confidants, our playmates, our sense of purpose, and our comfort during difficult times. When you consider all that a dog can bring to your life, they don’t ask for much in return. If you are considering getting a dog but are unsure, here are six reasons why dogs make such great companions, which might seal the deal.

1. Dogs give us a Sense of Structure and Purpose

While some other pets expect very little from us other than food and water, dogs require much more time, energy, and love. We are responsible for not just keeping them nourished, but also for their medical care, mental stimulation, sense of security, and routine. From taking them for walks and playing with them to taking them to the vets near East Market for regular checkups and getting them emergency care when needed, we have a responsibility which gives us purpose.

2. Dogs want to make Us Happy

First and foremost, a dog’s priority is not to please themselves, but to make their humans happy and to spend time with them. This is a stark contrast with cats who tend to prioritize their own needs above all else. While it’s sad to think about, it is why dogs will remain loyal to even the most abusive or neglectful owners and why they deserve our love and devotion in return.

3. Dogs can Sense our Suffering

Dogs appear to sense and understand human emotions on a completely different level. They may not be able to say anything, but a gentle lick, a hug, or their head in the lap is a dog’s way of providing comfort when they can sense you are sad. They also provide a non-judgmental shoulder to cry on when we need to talk about how we’re feeling. It’s also worth saying here that dogs can be the most incredible huggers as they want nothing more than to be close to you with no inhibitions or sense of personal space.

4. Dogs are Always Happy to See You

Any dog owner knows that coming home to a dog at the end of a long day is one of the best ways to leave negativity at the door. A dog will greet you as if you have been apart for weeks, even if you’ve only nipped to the shop for 20 minutes. The feeling of being missed and loved that much is wonderful.

5. Dogs are Unwaveringly Loyal

Dogs will protect their human family until the very end. There are many famous stories of dogs in battle as well as those who will refuse to be parted from a dying owner, as well as the story of Edinburgh’s Greyfriars’s Bobby, who guarded his master’s grave for 14 years until his death. Dogs do not care about any of the prejudices or hang-ups humans carry around, and they are socialized to love and trust humans.

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