5 Classic Accessories to Add to Your Outfit

Although your outfit of choice might look fantastic on its own, adding the right accessories can help bring it to life. These extra items have been used throughout the history of fashion, and can be just as important as the clothes on the hangers. Whether you are buying a completely new outfit for an occasion, or want to add some shine to an old one, think about using these 5 classic accessories.

1. Scarf

In winter months, a thick, knitted scarf can create the ideal seasonal look. Matched with a tailored coat, hat and gloves, it will keep you warm and cosy against the cold air. However, scarves are also used all year round. Beautiful silk scarves can bring some vintage glamour to your look and are often donned by silver-screen starlets. A larger scarf, such as a pashmina, can double-up as a shawl for an elegant appearance on summer evenings. Any of these can be used to accessorize both casual and more formal looks.

2. Watch

Practical as well as stylish, the watch is a truly classic accessory. Watches are probably the most common choice of accessory for both men and women. They can add a sense of sophistication to your look, although there are several varying designs to suit your own personal style. Owen & Robinson offer the Raymond Weil Tango collection that have a more masculine design, although they sell varying options for both sexes.

3. Brooch

Brooches were more commonly seen in times gone by; however, they are still wonderful accessories and shouldn’t be forgotten. They can bring a dash of colour or sparkle to an outfit that is more simplistic in style. Some can make wonderful statement fashion pieces, too. They are often seen to be worn with more formal, business attire, although this doesn’t mean they can’t work with a more casual look.

4. Jewellery

Any items of jewellery are great choices to accessorize with, and there is something for everyone. Not only are there different types (rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.), there’s a vast choice of different designs available. Statement necklaces, for example, can become the centrepiece of an entire outfit when matched with the right clothes. In fact, any large and bold items of jewellery can be eye-catching and glamorous to behold. On the other hand, there are more delicately designed pieces. Thin chains, small gems and simplistic details help to create a soft, romantic feel to your look.

5. Hats

Another practical and stylish item, hats have always had a place in fashion. Throughout the years, various different types of hat have been popular choices. Not everyone considers themselves to be a ‘hat person’, but as with anything, some styles will suit you better than others. Whether it’s the winter season or the summer, hats have their uses. Try on a few different ones to see what design suits you best.

If you’re looking to spice up the clothes in your closest, try adding any of the above accessories to create a whole new look.

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