How To Boost Your Career In 2020

Whether you’re in an intensely specialized field of work such as medicine or you feel as if you’ve reached the end of a dead-end job, there’s no time quite like the new year to start boosting your prospects. It’s an excellent opportunity to start switching up your approach to getting promoted and experimenting with new qualifications and growth opportunities. If you really want to broaden your horizons, in whichever sector you work in, here are some tips for boosting your career in 2020.

Change Tact

If you don’t fancy leaving the sector you’re currently in, then you may just need to change tact a little bit. It’s possible to keep the job you’re already in, and just work in a new area, or find some unchartered territory. For example, if you are a nurse or a health practitioner, it could benefit you to travel abroad and work overseas to gain some new experiences. You can find travel CNA jobs through staffing agencies, for example, which would give you an opportunity to use your qualifications, but in an entirely new environment.

Chat To Your Manager

If you feel as though your career has stagnated, it may be because your workplace has assumed that you are content in your current position. Before you start job hunting, ask for a formal meeting

It’s important to be aware of the fact that, sadly, hard work doesn’t always initially pay off. You may need to be forthright and demanding to get what you want. If your line manager still hasn’t put you on that training course, upped your pay or committed to their promises, chase them up on it. Ultimately, your line managers and superiors are people with busy schedules. You are, in a sense, learning to manage their failings too. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of persistence, especially if you want to climb that career ladder.


How can you know where you want to go in your chosen industry if you don’t research it first? It might benefit you to read up on articles by those who have been down your career path and where they ended up. It also might help you to discover new avenues you hadn’t previously explored, or to reconsider where you want to go. It will also impress your line manager if you are able to give a detailed vision of where you want to be in the future.

Boosting your career is likely to take two avenues: staying in your current place of employment or venturing into pastures new. What determines your decision may come down to whether or not you realistically see your employer aiding your success – no matter how hard you persist. Your best course of action is to research your career path and chat with your line manager. If they can’t deliver, perhaps consider approaching a recruiter.

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