PMS Symptoms: How Cannabis Can Save You From Trouble

Premenstrual Syndrome

(PMS) is something that every woman knows about. In fact, almost every woman faces the terrible symptoms of PMS during her childbearing age. The symptoms range from cramps to breast tenderness to mood swings, bloating, fatigue, indigestion, constipation, and stress. To make things worse, you may experience them as early as a week and a half before you start menstruating. Obviously, this means that a major part of your monthly cycle will be taken up by these woes. However, there are natural treatment options that can provide respite from these symptoms and cannabis is one of them. Let us understand how cannabis can effectively alleviate them.

Cannabis for PMS: Can it really help?

CBD is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid that occurs naturally in the hemp plant. Simply speaking, it does not make you high but offers effective relief from pain and a variety of other health issues. No wonder CBD products have gained extensive popularity for their medicinal benefits over the years! Cannabis has the ability to alleviate a number of health issues including nausea, anxiety, inflammation, sleep disorders, chronic pain and more. Beyond just these benefits, it is specifically helpful for women as it offers relief from PMS symptoms and hormonal imbalance. Essentially, CBD interacts with the receptors in the Endocannabinoid System and provides relief from PMS symptoms.

What makes this substance even more amazing as a PMS remedy is the fact that it is legal and easily available. When you ask that is weed legal in DC, California, Illinois, Maine, Michigan or Nevada, the answer will be yes. In fact, CBD is legal in several US states and people over the age of 21 years can easily buy it online or from local dispensaries in these parts of the country. Additionally, you can find a variety of CBD products with variants like edibles, tinctures, oils, topical creams and gels. This means that you have an amazing range of options to explore for natural relief.

Symptoms that cannabis can alleviate

Here are some PMS related Symptoms that Cannabis can Alleviate Effectively:

● Mood swings: CBD is capable of interacting with the limbic system, a part of the brain which promotes overall mental health and moderates mood irregularities as well.
● Anxiety and stress: It curbs the production of cortisol, the stress hormone, and also regulates the brain receptors responsible for reducing stress and anxiety levels.
● Breast tenderness: CBD has anti-inflammatory properties which make it capable of relieving pain and tenderness of the breasts caused by PMS.
● Hormonal imbalance: It also interacts with the neurotransmitters which restore and maintain the hormonal balance during PMS.
● Cramps and bloating: CBD improves the digestive function and relives the cramps, nausea and bloating associated with PMS.

Now that you understand how cannabis can help you get relief from PMS symptoms, you will probably want to try it to ease the period woes. The best way to do it is by experimenting with the products and finding the one you are comfortable with. The most amazing part about trying this method is that it is totally effective and safe for women looking for natural relief from PMS problems.

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