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A toy is a wonderful thing that every child wants as a gift. It is not uncommon that even grown-ups like to have toys! This is often the case with a tech-heavy toy. After all, toys aren’t just static. They’re not just for “play” anymore. Toy tech has reached a new level. Many toys these days use microprocessors and remote controls.

The year of 2019 has been very exciting for hot toy releases. Numerous hot and top-level toys have been released across the globe. To identify a few of those is a very difficult task. But we have scouted, tested, and kept track of the hottest sellers to ensure that we can suggest the best hot toys 2019 Christmas. And based on this exercise, we have compiled a list of top hot toys in 2019.

Blume Dolls

These dolls are some of the most sought-after toys this year in the domain of doll toys. Each doll is unique in itself and comes with a flower pot. Kids love to sprinkle water on it and make it grow. There are various varieties of the dolls available. These varieties include mystical, rare, super rare, and others. It isn’t until after the hair begins to grow from the flower pot that you know exactly which kind of doll you have. This kit includes accessories for a play set.

Zero Gravity Race Car

If you want the thrill of racing a car on the track, then check this out. You can run this on the floor, walls and even on ceilings. We suggest you increase its speed by using a laser. If your kid wants a thrilling experience and a racing toy, then this one is the perfect buy.

Crayola Glitter Glue

You always want your kids to keep learning while playing. And for this reason, you would always want them to play with toys like this. With this toy, your child has the potential for many art projects. Kids can enjoy layering on the glue and make 3D designs. The biggest advantage of this hot toy is that glitter remains in the tube for reuse.

My Robotic Pet Tumbling Hedgehog

This is for kids more than 5 years of age who can understand the features of the toy. If your kid is a robotics fan then this could be the hot toy for him. The best part of this is that a child builds it himself. It comes with more than 170 pieces, including a fitted sensor. This sensor reacts differently with different noises. Once you assemble all the components, the toy becomes makes different noises, spins, and tumbles.

Baby Shark Dancing Doll

You don’t understand why, and neither do we, but kids love baby shark. And that’s why this toy is a hit! When moving the shark in a waving pattern, you hear the sound of splashing and music.

Mice Mania

This is one of the top toys you can get in the market in 2019. Kids who are above 7 years of age would enjoy its features. You will find mystery characters and accessories in boxes.

NERF Fortnite Line

Children who are older than 8 years would find it enjoyable to play with this toy. Just take the toy off the screen into the real world and enjoy the magic. It does replicate the designs and colors of the virtual game. From blasters to rocket launchers, this NERF line has something for every Fortnite lover.


This has become one of the most distinguished household brands, making many food product sales go sky-high. There are 50 variants of Shopkins that kids love to collect. And each pack comes with eight features.

Treasure X Aliens

Kids in the age group of 5 – 10 years would love this toy. This is one of the best top toys 2019 Christmas choices. It is sheer fun as kids perform an alien autopsy. Open the rib cage to extract a mystery figure and prizes.

Doodle Bear

This is suitable for kids of 3 years and more. This toy includes many updated features for 2019. It encourages creativity among children. They can scan their creation in an application and can use custom scenes with recorded messages.

Shimmer Stars

Kids of more than 4 years of age would love to play with this toy. Kids will enjoy adding sparkles and sequins to the shiny fur. Your child may even want to copy the style in their own life! Which is perfectly fine, as the sequins are removable and reusable. This makes it even more engaging for them, as they can decorate again and again.

ROBO ALIVE Fire Breathing Dragon

This is a toy for kids who can understand its features. Kids who are older than 5 years of age would enjoy it the most. We have seen many toys in the shape of a dragon who breathes fire. But this hot toy of 2019 breathes ice. And it becomes possible due to LED lights.


It is loud and clear that interactive toys are in huge demand this year. Toy manufactures spend a great deal of time and money researching the choices of children. Each year, they come up with bigger and better toys and 2019 is no exception, with many new hot top Christmas toys.

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