Know These Tips To Make Your Dog’s Coat Shiny

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Owning a pet is one of the greatest pride for pet owners. Even then, the process of taking care of a dog is not an easy one. It is your responsibility as a dog owner to offer optimum care to your dog, ensuring he stays healthy, strong and clean. Dogs come with their set of needs, including dietary needs, health needs, as well as grooming needs.

When it comes to grooming, you need to be intentional about keeping up with your dog’s hygiene. The largest part of the dog you have to take care of is the coat. To get the best out of your pet’s coat, there are some things you must master.

Here are the tips to get you started:

Brush Your Dog Every Day

Brushing your dog can strike you as too much work, especially if the breed you have is rich with hair. However, regular brushing is a great way to detangle the hair strands and prevent the build-up of dirt and mud. The tangles can destroy the debris of hair can cause breakage. Other than that, brushing allows the even spreading of essential oils through the hairs to keep it well-nourished. Further, it is also therapeutic for the dog, acting as a soothing massage that helps to exfoliate their skin to encourage hair growth. It is also the perfect way to get rid of any shedding, dead skin and loose hair on your dog. Besides, the more you brush, the more bonding time you have with your dog.

Wash Your Dog Occasionally

A shower is not only important for human beings. A dog too needs washing. Occasional washing of your dog is the best way to get rid of all dirt and mud accumulated on the dog. Make sure you use the best dog shampoo for itchy skin to ensure that you are not doing a disservice to the health of your dog’s coat. However, you should not make the baths too frequently as this will strip off all the natural oils protecting the hair strands. Find the best frequency that works for your schedule as well as the need of your dog. Consider also how playful your dog is, because that may inform how quickly he dirties his coat.

Add Protein in the Diet

Protein is a vital nutrient in the process of hair growth. The hair draws proteins from the body for use in growing strong and healthy. In that case, make sure that the diet you put your canine friend through always has proteins. You must remember that most dogs are fully covered with hair. Given that around 90% of it is protein, the lack of proteins in foods can affect the health and feel of your dog’s coat.

Check the Dog Treats Ingredients

The ingredients of the treats you give to your dog matter as much as the diet you give him. The idea is to make sure that your dog is consuming foods that have all the necessary nutrients to keep him healthy and achieve a healthy and lustrous hair coat.

Add Omega Fatty Acids

For that extra shine on your dog’s coat, you have to go the extra mile. This usually means adding omega fatty acids to his diet. Omega 3 is amazing for hair growth. Omega 3 found in raw or cooked fish and other fish products like chia seeds and flaxseed. Other foods include salmon, tuna or sardines. It helps reduce inflammation. This works best to soothe the skin of your dog and keep the coat healthy.

As for omega 6, it promotes a shiny and lustrous coat. It can be found in sunflower oil, safflower oil, or other vegetable oils. In that case, add a small amount to your dog’s daily feeding routine.

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