Ways To Tell If Your Baby Is Getting Properly Nourished

When mothers give birth, they get to decide the kind of feeding, they will provide their newborns. They can choose between exclusive breastfeeding or formula, or a mix of both. They make the decision based on their own belief, the baby’s body reactions, or when there is a low supply of milk. Many mothers have the misconception that the best way their baby will get proper nutrients is only by choosing the natural nursing option; this is not true as babies can get their nutrients through other methods as well. And there are signs that parents need to be aware of to make sure their newborn baby is healthy, especially in the first month.

But before we look at the signs, let’s first dig deeper for a moment into baby-feeding options. Spit up and gas are expected in newborn babies during their first few days, owing to the fact that they have been receiving their food through the umbilical cord for months. Their stomach has not yet developed, and their digestive system as well is just beginning to work. Thus, consuming breast milk or formula in their first days will be a bit heavy on their stomach to digest.

However, formula may be a bit heavier. So, if you choose this as your feeding option, make sure you pick the right brand of formula for spit up and gas; they are the best formula for your baby’s tiny stomach. Seeing as how technology is helping the industry, formula milk now includes almost similar contents as breast milk; thus, will help the baby’s small sensitive stomachs. Try different brands of formula before sticking to one, experiment with your baby, and become aware of signs that your baby might be lactose intolerant, so it’s better to keep a closer look at any signs of milk allergy.

Most probably, mothers who choose to feed their babies formula will be aware of the nutritional value she is giving her child, but what about the right quantity? And what about breastfeeding mothers?

Here are signs to look for to know if your baby is getting properly nourished:

1. Baby Nursing Indications

For formula and breastfeeding mothers, make sure you keep a journal with feeding timings, duration, and add the quantity for formula feed babies. There are applications you can download to your smartphone that will help compile a detailed journal. In the first few days, all babies can feed every hour, and that is almost 8 to 12 times a day.

Breastfeeding mothers most probably will not know how much their baby is drinking, which might cause new mother’s anxiety. According to lactation consultants, there are signs that will show you that your baby is full. Always note their behavior during and after feedings: they should be more attentive in feeding time, and they will latch off your breast when they are done and full. After feeding, they will look settled and satisfied.

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