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You don’t have to be a feminist to recognize the fact that women have made their mark in all areas of life, including gambling…

Just as a strong female presence has penetrated the sports and business worlds, it is also quite common to see female pro poker players and to see the names of women at the top of tournament leaderboards. As the presence of women in the gambling scene grows and carries more influence, it is only to be expected for the affects to spill over into online gambling. Women And Gambling have become significant enough that we are now seeing that influence demonstrated in various ways throughout the industry. For example, we are seeing both land based and online casinos offering prize packages that are more gender friendly.

We’re not yet seeing washer and dryer sets as prize options, but we are seeing that they are making an effort to create prize packages that would be appealing to everyone, and not just men. It really only makes sense that we would get to this point due to the fact that women are breadwinners and as much a part of the workforce as men are. This empowers women in the financial market and makes it just as likely for them to engage in entertainment that requires financial investment as it is for men, hence, it is not surprising in the least to see that Online Casinos For Women are beginning to crop up. Gambling is no longer a boys club.

Another reason for the increased presence of women in the online gambling arena is due to the convenience and flexibility that online gambling provides. Instead of requiring an expensive trip to the Vegas Strip, all that a women needs to get her game on is access to a computer and an Internet connection.

Today, gambling is popular among women and men of different ages. This sphere of activity, its influence, problems and news was studied by the most popular publishers. Among them even such as Dailymail, The Telegraph and many others …

However, there were times when female gambling was considered unacceptable. Despite this, some ladies managed to make a real breakthrough in the industry. King Billy specialists have collected exclusive information about the achievements of women in the casino and are ready to share it with you.

Great Women in Gambling Industry

Alice Ivers

The famous Englishwoman literally conquered the whole world with her appearance, charisma and incredible ability to play poker. At first, the girl only watched her husband playing games after games with colleagues, and then she became a participant in gambling fun. She so closely connected her life with poker that she received the nickname – Alice Poker. The girl quickly mastered the skills of a dealer and became a real professional, working in the best saloons in West America. At the same time, Alice played poker better than any American and constantly won.

Kitty Leroy

The legendary woman was born in 1850 and lived only 28 years old. However, her life was full of drama, excitement and adventure. At 14, she became interested in gambling and could easily beat adults. A year later, she first married, and then chose to abandon her family life and devote herself to a career. Kitty became a professional dealer of the game Pharaoh, and later opened her own saloon.

Lottie Deno

A special place in the history of the development of female gambling is occupied by Carlotta J. Tompkins, also known as Lottie Deno and the Queen of Poker. A girl from a family of an avid gambler already from childhood knew about all the intricacies of gambling and constantly accompanied her father on his trips to gambling establishments. To raise a successful woman, he instilled in his daughter an interest in trade and gambling.

So, Lottie moved to Texas, got a job as a dealer in a prestigious casino and won the heart of a wealthy host. Together they went to travel the world, breaking jackpots in various casinos.

Women in Gambling Today

Kathleen Liebert

Katie is the first woman in world poker history to win $ 1 million in the tournament and make it to 3rd place on the World Poker Tour. After graduating from college and becoming a business analyst, Katie plunged into the office life of a good company. But soon this work was too boring for her – and she took up the game on the stock exchange, not afraid to stay in the red. Such courage and the free time that appeared allowed Libert not only to travel, but also to begin a professional career in the field of gambling.

Annie Duke

Since childhood, excitement has been living in this American. And despite the fact that at first the girl completely devoted herself to study, exactly a month before graduation, she left everything and left with her husband in Las Vegas to become closer to the world of gambling. It was here that her gambling career began.

Today, Annie Duke is a professional poker player and professor at the WSOP Poker Academy, author of gambling books, and the holder of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) gold bracelet.

Lydia Barbara

She came into the world of gambling thanks to poker. Having learned to play at a fairly good level, Barbara decided to monetize this skill. So, in 2009, she joined the Microgaming team as a poker manager, and later took the post of head of the innovation strategy department.

Denise Coates

She is a British businesswoman, billionaire, founder and CEO of Bet365 online casino. According to Forbes magazine in May 2018, Denise Cots earned $ 4.6 billion. She became the richest CEO in the UK.

There are no less successful women in the gambling industry than representatives of the stronger sex. Earlier gambling was considered to be exclusively a male industry, today women prove the opposite with their numerous awards and achievements.

You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.

Author: Serg Dum

Almost 3 years I am devoted to work as a Chief Content Editor at King Billy Casino.

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