Creating An Outdoor Garden Room

A garden room can be an extremely versatile space if designed correctly and can offer some much-needed extra square footage to your home. Create a creative space to fulfill all your arts and crafts needs, or design a sleek office space to keep work obligations out of the house. A garden room could also become an entertaining games room for family and friends, or even an at-home gym, housing all the weights and equipment that you need. The possibilities are endless, so take some time to consider the extra space you really need. A garden room is an inexpensive way of expanding your home, but you’ll want to make sure the room is going to be properly used and not left as a redundant space after the initial novelty wears off.

Check Whether Planning Is Required

Avoiding planning permission is essential for keeping costs low and ensuring the project can move swiftly without any administration delays, so you’ll need to contact your local authorities to understand the restrictions that are in place. Keeping to a single story and not providing sleeping accommodation with your garden room are common rules that will need to be taken into account. If your home resides within a conservation area or national park, then the planning permission regulations will be much stricter, so it’s always safer to check before spending money on materials and construction.

Choose Your Design

When you’re familiar with the planning permission regulations in your area and the type of structures that can be erected without approval, it’s time to let your creative juices flow and conjure up the design of the exterior and interior space. If your home has a rustic country feel, you may want to build a cladded garden room or perhaps a classic rectangular orangery; modern homes with manicured gardens might be better suited to a modular garden room with crisp and sharp architectural features.

Let Natural Light Stream Through

One design feature that should always be added, regardless of the architectural style you have chosen, is an expanse of large floor to ceiling windows to allow natural light to stream into the space. A garden room should make you feel closer and more connected to your outdoor space, without having to endure the elements that mother nature sometimes throws your way, so it’s crucial to find the right windows for your space. Window replacement Charleston SC can fit sunroom windows and shutters in multiple styles, perfect for all your garden room needs.

Opt For Floor Tiles

Over Carpet Opting for floor tiles over carpet will ensure your garden room remains in a high-quality condition and will be able to withstand many more years of wear-and-tear. Although carpets can make the room feel cozier and more welcoming, they will soon tire and need cleaning on a regular basis. As the large windows you’ll be installing will provide enough warmth from the natural light, a slightly darker tile flooring will help absorb and retain this heat. Adding furnishings around the room will help create a soft, inviting space.

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