Ways to Encourage Creative Writing in Children

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Creative writing in children is an excellent way to favor language learning and the integral development of children. Writemyessayonline experts will teach you what to do to stimulate it. Stimulating creative writing in children is an excellent way to favor language learning and the integral development of children. Children have a great imagination that, applied to writing, produces extraordinary benefits.

To dedicate moments dedicated to these practices in the classroom is a very enriching habit. It is also a good habit for the house. Just as “reading time” is installed in which the whole family reads, a good routine is to generate “creative writing time”, where everyone writes in this way.

Benefits of Encouraging Creative Writing in Children

· Creativity is essential for the human being. It is the key to solving problems. Therefore, it is desirable that this creativity be stimulated and reinforced by all possible means.

· Creative writing always pleases little ones. Children live with great intensity the worlds of stories, so they have a natural predisposition to that creative manifestation of language.

· It contributes to the improvement of attitudes that favor learning in general. Promotes attention, memory and understanding.

· It is a valuable tool for language acquisition. The exercise of creative writing activities in children expands their vocabulary and allows a more fluid use of language structures. Click to improve your child writing skills online, useful and impressive ideas you can find here.

Proposals to Encourage Creative Writing in Children

1.- Cartoons and Comics

One of the strategies that stimulate children a lot is to present a story in images. It is advisable that you have no more than 4 or 5 frames. From the images, the child will write the story.

2.- Creative Scene

An interesting stimulus is to prepare a scene with dolls and children’s objects on the table. Thus, the child will create the story from that scene. Using elements known to the child, with which he plays frequently, will favor his ideas.

3.- The Magical Character

The child will create his character with elements that he has on hand: A ball, pieces of cloth or paper, ice cream sticks etc. It will have a face, eyes, nose and mouth. He will name him, be his magical character and possess all the powers he wants to assign. The fundamental creative writing quality is that it will always do good in the world.

From that character, different situations in which his magical character will take action will be proposed to the child, and he must write the stories. With all the stories created, a book will be composed.

4.- The History of the Future

An idea that pleases children a lot is to write a story in which they are the age of their father or mother. Sometimes, it is necessary to guide them through questions. This activity is also interesting to help you think about a future life plan.

5.- Encounter of Superheroes and Princesses

The child will create a story that will feature some superheroes or princesses that normally have no connection between them. For example, the Spider Man and Sleeping Beauty will meet in the story and have their own story. An excellent way to let your imagination fly.

6.- The Story Hidden in the Image

A photograph will be presented to the child in which there is a person or an animal in an environment that serves as a scene. It could be a landscape, for example. Then, he will write the hidden story in that picture.

7.- The Collective History

It is especially suggested as a group activity. Any of the stimuli mentioned above can be used as a starting point. Each child will write a sentence that starts the story and pass it to one of their classmates. This will continue the story and turn the page to another. So on until each child receives the sheet on which he wrote the first sentence. He will review and correct it by comparing the changes that were made.

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