Preparation is Key When You’re Expecting Triplets

That piece of advice your own mother might have given you to always expect the unexpected will definitely come in handy now if you find out you are expecting not one baby, not two, but three! There’s no doubt you’ll be full of excitement and happy feelings, but you probably also have feelings of apprehension, worry and downright fear about bringing up the triplets.

This is the time to take a few, quite a few, deep breaths. It’s also the time not to panic, but prepare instead. To prepare well, you have to relax and know that you’re going to be a great parent and every great parent prepares long before the actual birth of a baby. Let’s start by telling you that for some items you might only need one, and others you will need three.


When your babies come home, at the very beginning they will be quite content to sleep in one large crib, but that won’t last long as they get bigger and can disturb each other. That’s why most parents will prefer to buy three separate cribs from the get-go. Cribs with sides that drop down for convenience are a great choice. And you can find adjustable cribs which can go high or low, and later on convert into a toddler bed are also popular choices.

Not everything has to be purchased in threes because of the triplets. You could find a triple stroller that will seat all your babies in one stroller. More than likely, parents of triplets will prefer a triple stroller, offering three identical seats that can be used from birth or at a very young age. Besides triplets, you might have children that are close in age, such as a toddler and twin babies. This can make triple seat strollers practical when you want or have to go out with your clan of three.

Car Seat

It’s not easy to fit 3 car seats in a car because many of them can be rather bulky. You might assume the width of your backseat is the measurement you have to work with, but this is hardly the case since the LATCH system or seat belts need to be away several inches from the door. Thanks to many other helpful mothers, you can find online reviews of car seats and other baby items that have been tried and proven that they share with other parents.


A couple of show off items will melt your heart, but other than that, keep your babies’ clothes simple and easy to wash and dry. While knits are cute and pretty, they need to be hand-washed, and your time is limited. Also, remember that babies outgrow their infant wear very quickly, so limit your purchases.

Taking care of triplets is a breeze that is something no parent ever said! It’s not a piece of cake and you’ll wish you had 3 pairs of hands, but the joy and happiness they bring with them outweigh some of the difficulties. When you prepare before their arrival you’ll be ready, so buy the items that are going to help you.

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