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Before even starting my argument I would like to make it clear that workplace environment changes from culture to culture and place to place. In same country, there could be different working environments which require different dress codes.

Why the Dress Code Exists?

Why dress code exists, somebody knows? Dress code is there to maintain a decorum and agreement. It is a boundary set by companies or organizations, so there won’t be a conflict and a general agreement exists between employees and employers. Dress code is directly dependent on the vision; organization shares with its employees. Like an automobile company whose headquarter is situated in US will follow more western culture at its workplace. A national company or governmental organization will follow more cultural workplace environment.

Dress codes like Business Formal, Professional Formal, Office Casual, Smart Casual or Business Casual are commonly there in different organizations. It is sets the boundaries and employees at all levels share the same mindset without any discrimination.

You can have an idea of formal dresses and wide range of dresses at JJ’s House and these dresses are best for formal occasions. The website provides solution and gives you one-click purchase. There are other websites too, they can help you to figure out what actually dress codes are there in different parts of the world. Cultural and geographical differences are the main reason for difference in dress codes among countries.

Common Problems in Dress Codes at Workplace

The common problems that lies at workplace are:

· Women may wear open-toe sandals, while men may not.
· Men must have their legs covered (pants), while women may wear cropped or capri-style pants or skirts.
· Men must wear their hair short, while women have no restrictions on hair length. · Men may not have visible piercings; women are allowed multiple ear piercings.

These problems are common disparities in organizations and in western countries, employees often charge cases against their employers for sex discrimination. Some analysts also blame less regulated dress code is one of the reason for sexual harassment cases at workplace. This is important aspect to consider because too much regulated dress code can result into disruption in workplace environment.

Is it good to have a Cultural Dress Code at Workplace?

I think women will have more liberty and share more freedom in expressing their ideas and thoughts in cultural environment and dress code at workplace. It is more associated with comfort, what they think is more comfortable. The cultural dress code will give them more comfort because they are used to it and imposing western dress code will only lead to confusion.

Dress code at organizations are there to just set the boundaries because if they want to impose restrictions and discipline they would choose a uniform, which military and hospitals do.


It is good to have dress codes, but it shouldn’t be too much restricted. A good organization has more expressive and energetic employees who shares the freedom of expression, so a good and communicative organization will have more cultural and less restricted dress code. Companies should educate their employees about dress codes and update their policies. There should be input from the employees too in policy making by HR department of companies.

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