Top 5 Easy Hairstyles When You Are in a Hurry

Women always want to change images, pleasing themselves and attracting others with beauty and originality.

But in the daily bustle, it seems that there is simply no time for change… – Don’t be discouraged! You will find some interesting hairstyle ideas in this article. Each of them can be a godsend when you are in a hurry. And most importantly, you do not need any special skills and knowledge to rock each of them:
Hairstyles with One Hair Tie

Ballerina Bun

This hairstyle will be relevant both for the event and for a regular trip to the beach. And it is done in a few minutes.
Just pull your hair into a high ponytail, tightly secure it with a hair tie. Wrap the tail around, and hide the edge under a tie. The bun is done!

If you want to diversify your ordinary bun, just dissolve your hair. Tilt your head down and, starting from the neck, make your usual braid. Then collect the hair on top of your head in a bun. This duet will refresh your hairstyle. And yes, its all about details so you can also style this haircut with some large earrings, find here some unique pieces.

Side Braid

Braids are always beautiful, as they provide a huge field for your creativity and the embodiment of a wide variety of ideas.
So, divide the hair where you see fit and start making a braid from the forehead. On the other side, take a small strand and twist a rope braid. Then, move it with the rest of the hair in the direction of the braid, weave the remaining locks. Holding the ends, gently pull the small strands on each turn of the braid. So you will add volume to your braid. Secure it with a hair tie and add some hairspray. The side braid always looks very stylish.

Easy Hairstyles with Rubber Bands

Tail Section

This hairstyle looks great on long hair. First of all, tie a tail. Turn over the tail ends up, tuck them in between your head and the rubber band. Then pull them out through the bottom to create the tail. To add volume, relax a few strands. Just below, fasten another rubber and repeat all the steps again. The number of sections depends on the length of your hair.

Rope Braid

Take the strands from each temple and make two rope braids (turning the strands away from you). Connect them on the nape and fix with a rubber band. Create the braid from the loose ends of the rope braids, or choose anything else: a bun, a pony.

Hairstyles Without Hair Ties

If you don’t have any hair ties, this option will be the most welcome:


Take two sections from the temples and tie a simple knot. Then, holding the knot’s ends, gather the remaining hair in the ponytail. Next is to grab knot’s ends and bring them under all of the hair. Make as many knots as you can. To finally fix the hairstyle, turn the knots several times through the loop at the base of the tail.

You will look gorgeous with these hairstyles here see more on, and no one will even guess that it took you less than five minutes to do it 😉

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