3 Key Ways to Use Technology to See If Your Spouse Is Cheating

So, you suspect your spouse is cheating on you but you can’t really pin it down. Is it a gut feeling you have and little indicators that something is amiss in your relationship, or do you have physical signs that all is not well in paradise? Perhaps your spouse isn’t as amorous as they once were, or you find little things in their pockets that have no reason to be there.

It could be a matchbook from a local club or hotel and it could be a receipt for dinner at a candlelit restaurant you’ve always wanted to dine in – together that is! If you suspect your spouse is cheating, why not turn to technology? Here are three key ways in which you can use the very same technology their ‘flings’ probably began on to catch them in the act. Well, that might be taking a bit far, but you get the picture!

1. Check Their Social Media Accounts Regularly

According to the most recent cheating statistics detailed on the Secure Forensics website, at least 10% of affairs begin online. If you suspect your spouse of cheating, it stands to reason that little telltale signs will be found on their social media accounts. If they have blocked posts from you, it’s easy to see that you are being left out in the cold – literally as well as figuratively. Sometimes you see your partner’s response but can’t quite figure out what they are responding to. Have they gone on your account to block that user? It could well be! Actually, according to the latest cheating statistics, 22% of men are more likely to be cheaters whereas women are only 14% likely to cheat while married.

2. Keep Track of “Overruns” on Cell Phone Bills

Another way to get a handle on whether or not your spouse is cheating is to look at your latest cell phone bills. Do you see a data overrun causing a spike in your bill? It could be that your partner is ‘sexting’ or sending images while chatting or messaging their latest fling. In fact, why stop with cell phone bills? Go online to look at charges on your credit cards or bank accounts. These would be a pretty good indicator that something untoward is going on if you don’t recognize the charge or are concerned why it’s there when it’s for something your partner wouldn’t normally buy.

3. Hire a Team of Cyber Forensic Investigators

Finally, if you are not tech savvy, there are cyber forensic investigators out there who are literal experts in the field. If you want to find your partner cheating, the best way to do that is to have documented evidence. This is what a cyber forensics team can do for you and how you can have rock solid evidence to bring before the court. You wouldn’t want to stay married to a cheater, now would you? The thought expressed by the Secure Forensics team is that “Once a cheater, always a cheater.”

While no one is condoning or even suggesting divorce, you really need to rethink your relationship if the proof of infidelity is staring you in the face. People may lie, but it’s pretty hard to get a machine to lie. When in doubt, turn to technology.

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