All Natural Beauty Products? The Good, Bad and Wonderful

As a woman who cares about her health, there’s a good chance that you’ve grown concerned about the toxicity of some of the products on today’s market. Everything from beauty products to cleaning products are full of toxic chemicals and substances.

Fortunately, there is a natural substitute for nearly every commercial product. Although you may find it more challenging to locate these products – and more expensive once you do so – purchasing natural alternatives could be beneficial to your health.

Below, we’ve detailed some of the primary concerns about today’s household products. We’ll then outline some of the natural options that you could consider.

Toxins In Today’s Products

Over the past few years, manufacturers have begun putting more and more chemicals into cosmetic products, much to the dismay of customers. Health complaints to the United States Food and Drug Administration are at an all-time high. Perhaps the most concerning part is the fact that manufacturers are not required to report potential health-related issues to the FDA. They can put chemicals into their products with no repercussions or oversight.

In a recent research letter, resident physician of dermatology at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Dr. Steve Xu, said regarding cosmetic products, “We have this huge industry, and there are lots of chemicals in these products that largely go unregulated.”

Common things that could be in today’s products include:

• Chemicals
• Sulfates
• Parabens
• Phthalates

Many people find that sulfates are troublesome because they irritate the eyes, scalp, and skin. Phthalates are concerning because they should not be in any product that comes in contact with human skin. That’s because phthalates are chemicals used to make plastic more challenging to break down. Lastly, parabens are chemicals that have been linked to breast cancer.

Under-reporting The Severity Of Commercial Products

Although manufacturers are not required to report potential health issues, the FDA can still investigate companies if there is enough backlash or outreach. Take, for instance, the case against WEN by Chaz Dean Cleansing Solutions. The FDA finally began to research the industry after it had received complaints. Upon further investigation, the FDA found that there were more than 20,000 private complaints from people saying their hair fell out when using the product.

This brings up another issue with commercial products – the side effects are often unreported. Many people may use a product, have an adverse reaction, and stop using it without further thought. However, these issues need to be reported for people to understand how dangerous these products can be.

Xu told Time Magazine, “I think broader reporting from all parties and mandatory reporting from manufacturers is not a controversial thing to ask for.”

So, there’s a strong chance that you’re using products at home that contain dangerous toxins and chemicals. You may be under the assumption that they are safe to use. However, this is likely not the case.

Do You Really Know What’s In Your Products?

Another problem with the products you may use at home is that there is no way of knowing what’s in them. Sure, you can look at the ingredients list – there’s a strong chance you won’t know what half of the chemicals mean. However, even then, you may still not entirely understand what’s in your product.

For instance, a recent study found that asbestos was in a glittery nail polish marketed explicitly toward young girls. No manufacturer is going to list “asbestos” on the label! This is a primary example demonstrating that there’s no way of knowing what’s in your products. However, by going natural, you could avoid this from happening.

Going Natural With Your Household Products

One of the benefits of going natural with household products is that you know precisely what you’re applying to your body. Natural products are typically plant-based and are 100% pure. You won’t have to deal with nasty side effects as a result of using natural products.

When people first consider natural products, one of the things that first comes to mind is the cost. Because of the chemicals that manufacturers add to commercial products, the items that they sell tend to be much cheaper. However, you may find that an investment in natural products is well worth your while. You can’t put a price tag on the health of you and your family, especially when there are so many culprits lurking in traditional products.

Another common complaint about natural products is that they are hard to find. Unfortunately, natural products are not yet available in every grocery and convenience store. For instance, think about how easy it is to purchase something like disinfecting spray. Now, think about how many times you’ve seen a natural disinfectant solution. Probably not nearly as often!

Purchasing natural products is going to require a bit of effort on your part. Fortunately, some online retailers make it easy for you to buy all of the natural products that you need.

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