After getting engaged, it can feel like you are walking on cloud nine. However, the pleasure only lasts for a short time because soon you will be shoulder deep in the stress of planning a wedding. There are a few things that you can do to take away some of the hassle so you can enjoy being a bride to be. It is suggested that you consider a subscription box for new brides. Not a lot of brides know what to do after getting engaged. First, you should bask in the happiness that you feel being a new bride to be. Once you have truly enjoyed the bliss of the moment, you will need to start planning ahead for the future. Your wedding truly is your special day.

Enjoy The Moment While It Lasts

You may be thinking, “I’m engaged. Now what?” This is a completely normal way to feel. Being a new bride to be is overwhelming to say the least. Many brides look back on the time right after their engagement and wish they would have done things a little bit differently. Needless to say, right after an engagement, women are extremely emotional and excited. While it may be hard to do, you need to control your excitement to the best of your ability.

Knowing What To Do After Getting Engaged

For those who just got engaged, the excitement of telling other people may have you bursting at the seams. However, some brides wish they would have taken the time to bask in the romantic moment with their soon to be spouse. Right after an engagement is a special time that you won’t get back. You can put off telling your family and friends for a little while so you can spend this special time with your mate. Newly engaged couples often do not take time for themselves. You are only engaged for a short period of time. Enjoy every second of it while it lasts.

Making A Plan With Your Other Half

To set up a reasonable engagement timeline, you will need to make a plan with your other half. There are a lot of different things to consider. Some of these things include when you should tell your family and whether or not you want to have an engagement party. Many new brides just got the feeling that they have to shout their engagement from the rooftops. Don’t ruin your special time with your soon to be spouse by telling people too soon.

Avoid Announcements On Social Media

Knowing what to do after you get engaged is not common knowledge. Most people only get married once and do not have a lot of experience planning a wedding. The most common mistake that brides to be make is telling their family on social media. While social media might be the best way to reach the most amount of people in the shortest time possible. However, you can expect your notifications to be going off constantly because people will want to congratulate you. Instead of telling friends and family on social media, it is best to do it in person after you have taken some time for yourself.

Make your Engagement Announcement Special

Announcements made on social media do not feel as special as if you told someone in person about your pending marriage. However, there is a perk to having your announcement made on social media. In the future, your social media memories will be there for you to look back on. Some people prefer using social media to announce their engagement while others feel a more personal touch is needed.

Best Tips for Newly Engaged Couples

Learning what to do after engagement comes with experience. The best way to learn about the engagement process is to ask a couple that has been in your shoes. Recently married couples can have plenty of advice to give regarding what happens once you are engaged. One of the best tips for newly engaged couples is to give your closest friends and family a heads up before you make the official announcement. Your engagement checklist should contain the things that are most important to you. For example, some couples prefer to tell their family before telling their friends and coworkers. Learning what to do after getting engaged will help you avoid stress.

All in all, engagement is an exciting time. Follow these tips from real women who have already taken the marriage plunge. Take the time to enjoy your engagement because it does not last very long. Avoid social media announcements and spend some alone time with your partner.

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