Sexy Love Quotes for Him This Year

It is with no doubt that love is the most beautiful feeling on earth. And it even becomes more attractive if you have the right person who cares about your feelings. It is an attraction that even the greatest scientists are unable to explain. So how do you rejuvenate it from time to time? It is through sharing what you feel to him through love quotes for him.

If you are lucky to have been loved by a great man, then we have collected the most alluring love quotes for him you can share. Our collection is composed of the most touching thoughts that are meant to warm your lover’s heart.

Take a look here and go ahead and put them in practice. Good luck.

1. Max Muller: Flowers and Love.

“Just as a flower cannot thrive without sunshine, the same way a man will be miserable without love.”

Though a man can live without love, there is a part inside him that will not be fine if he is not loved. So, the same way a flower will dry up and die if there is no sunshine so does the heart of a man if not loved.

2. Rabindranath: The Endless Love.

“I feel I have loved you in uncountable times, in uncountable forms, in years after years forever.”

– Have you ever had such feelings about a guy you love? That there is something that has tied you together for all this long? If this is you, this is among the best love quotes for him to tell your man this day.

3. Valerie Lombardo: Lover and Friends.

“Being your best friend was all I needed; being your lover was my dreams come true.”

– If your present relationship started as a friendship, then this love quote for him is what you need to make him recall those beautiful moments when you were friends. Most relationships were forged from friendships. So, ensure that, that friendship never dies and you remain together forever.

4. Christian White: How Deep Is Love?

“The love I have for you has no depth; its territories are ever expanding.”

– When one loves someone, he/she does so indefinitely, and that love cannot be measured either by breadth or depth. Yes, as time goes by and you grow, love changes since you are changing too, but the fact remains your love is unshakable as long as you wish to keep it.

5. Pablo Neruda.

“I love you without understanding how from where or when. My love for you is simple, without pride or problems.”

– Maybe this is how you got to know each other when you met. It was something unexpected; maybe it was not something you needed at first. However, genuine love comes with no pride and flows seamlessly if you allow it to. The key is ensuring you are receptive to it.

6. Deanna Anderson’s Last Words.

“If I were told to decide between breathing and loving you, I would choose to use my last breath to say I love you.”

– You might have told him that you love him with all your life. That means you are ready to sacrifice your life for him. While we don’t wish to find yourself in those situations, ensure you use this love quote for him to show that you love him like it is the last time you are with him.

7. Rosemonde Gerard: Growing Love.

“Every day I love you differently, today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.”

– If you feel that your love is different for him every day, share this love quote for him with and let him understand that your love keeps growing stronger every new day until the last day on earth. Let him know tomorrow your love for him won’t same like today; it will be more significant.

8. Ralph Block: He Is Your Everything.

“You are my everything.”

When you love each other unconditionally, it is easier to feel like he is your world. Share this love quote for him and let him know how deep is your love.

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