How to Plan for Everlasting Wedding Dress Preservation

Your wedding dress is not just a symbol of the vows you took with the love of your life, but is also a reminder of how special is your relationship. For this reason, you’ll want to choose the right wedding dress preservation methods that preserve the beauty of the gown for years to come. At the time of buying the dress, ask around for references from family members and friends for a company they have tried before with great results. You can also consult the boutique where you buy the gown for recommendations of a good service. Read ahead to understand how to plan for the preservation of this cherished token of your new life together.

Set Aside the Funds for the Preservation

Like this feature on The Knot explains, when preparing your budget for the cost of the dress, you may also want to factor in the cost of the cleaning and packaging. Relying on certified services is always a smarter move. Although they may charge you anywhere from $250 to $700 and up to $1,000 for the process, you’ll receive complete assurance that the gown will remain in pristine condition. Many companies provide guarantee for the cost of the garment and wedding dress preservation processes, and will reimburse you in case the dress gets damaged. If they are willing to stand by their work, you’ll know this is the company to choose.

Before finalizing the company, check with them for the number of years for which they provide guarantee. Some services offer a 30-year assurance while others may go up to 100 years. They’ll even send you a certificate that you can place in a file for future reference. But, the cost of the cleaning may vary according to the time. The final charge may also depend on the location where you live. For instance, services in metropolitan cities may be more expensive than in smaller towns. You may also incur extra charges in case the gown is dirtier and has more stains than you previously anticipated.

Receive and Store the Wedding Dress Preservation Kit

Right after you place the order for your gown, choose the right services and let them know about the fabric of the dress and the embellishments it may have such as embroidery, beads, pearls, laces, or any other. Keeping these factors in mind, the company will send you the wedding dress preservation kit within 5 to 7 days of receiving the order. This box will contain all the items you’ll need to begin caring for the dress right after you take it off. Since you probably won’t have the time to deal with the dress right away, entrust it to a reliable person such as your mom, sister, or close friend.

Check the Components of the Preservation Kit

Top-grade service providers send you a box with the basics you’ll need to protect the dress from damage.

* Documents: The company will provide you two copies of a shipping label one of which will be prepaid for dispatch. Fill out the label and send it over to the company. You can also add your email address so the company can send you regular updates about the status of the preservation. If you have any other accessories that need cleaning, contact the company and add them to the box. These accessories can include the veil, gloves, shoes, or any others. Typically, the services charge you an additional sum for their preservation also.

* Sturdy Box: You’ll receive a sturdy box that can resist pressure to ensure that the dress reaches the company without getting crushed.

* Water-proof Preservation Bag: To ensure that the gown does not get dirtier during shipping, you’ll find a water-proof bag in the box. The company will ensure that the bag does not have any acids or chemicals that can damage the delicate fabric of your dress. Pack in the dress carefully for dispatch.

* Instructions Manual: Since your wedding dress should be handled with care, the company will enclose a set of instructions explain what to do.

* Stain Markers: Often times, certain stains like, for instance, from sweat, white wine, cake cream, or champagne may not be visible right away. And, as this article on warns, over time, they may start to acquire a yellowish stain that browns and damages the dress. The expert personnel of the cleaning company should be able to identify the stains and take care of them for you. But if you are aware of any spills, place the stain markers on them to indicate that the area needs special attention.

* Tape for Packaging: After packing the gown into the wedding dress preservation box, use the tape to seal the box thoroughly before shipping.

Don’t Delay Shipping

Martha Stewart recommends that when you take off the dress, you may want to place it on a padded hanger. Pack it into the wedding preservation box as soon as you can. But, try not to delay getting the gown to the cleaners. Keep in mind that the longer the spills remain on the fabric, the harder it will be to get them off. The best time to begin cleaning and wedding dress preservation is within 6 weeks of the ceremony, the sooner the better. If you will be leaving for your honeymoon right after, get someone to make sure that the gown is shipped off on time. Once the dress is off your hands, it is up to the cleaning company to take the best care of it for you.

Receiving the Dress After Cleaning

When you receive the dress, you’ll find that the cleaning service has packed it in an airtight container that can withstand any amount of impact. Acid-free paper and plastic is typically used to cover the gown to protect it from dirt and aging. Store the box in an area of your home that does not receive direct sunlight or exposure to humidity. While it is advisable not to open the box, you may want to check it every couple of years and reset the creasing to prevent wear.

Taking these simple precautions can ensure that your precious wedding memento remains intact for years to come. You could even pass it down over generations as an heirloom piece. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

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