5 Basic Air Filter Maintenance Every Woman Should Know

When it comes to tech matters, women are considered to be less savvy than men. But then, some situations in life require technical knowledge yet you cannot ignore them as a woman. Ensuring your home’s HVAC runs smoothly, for instance. Many women don’t know what to do to keep the installation working great which is what led me to write this piece. Because furnace filters form an essential part of your home’s heating system, their maintenance is what we will talk about here. So, what do you need to know about these components?

1. Air Filters Require Regular Checking

Examining the filter for dirt buildup or rips helps to detect damage before it renders the filter useless. It assures you the system is working correctly, that there’s no danger of dirt particles passing through and ruining the other parts of the unit or even contaminating the air in your home. Should you find anything to be wrong with the filter, it’s advisable that you replace it at once. You can even avoid using the heating system until you install a new filter.

2. Reusable Filters Should Be Cleaned as Necessary

Washable filters can be used again and again. You only need to clean them at the right time and according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Doing that ensures they continue to trap dirt to ensure particle-free air. It also serves to prolong the filter’s lifespan. The cleaning should be done at least once every month. That depends on how frequently you use the heating system, though. The size of your home, too as bigger homes can mean more air that’s filtered of particles. If you require help cleaning your air filters, specialist firms such as Willard offer a variety of solutions to meet your needs.

3. Replaceable Filters Need to be Changed on Time

If the filter in your air heating system is the replaceable type, ensure you install a new one on time. The period before replacing the old one depends on several factors such as filter type and usage. Pleated paper filters outlast those made from fiberglass by as many as 60 days. Talking from experience, it takes us three months before we put in a new filter in our home’s heating system. Our furnace uses 20x20x1 filters, and we prefer the pleated paper type. Regarding usage, I should say ours is a moderate one.

4. Ensure Proper Fit for the Filter

A filter that doesn’t fit snugly can leave gaps that let in unfiltered air. Such a situation would result in various problems such as a damaged unit or health issues when allergens contaminate your home’s indoor air. Apart from ensuring the filter is firmly attached, it’s good to buy the right size. Often, manufacturers indicate dimensions in values that are rounded off to the nearest digit, so ensure you factor that in when buying one.

5. Always Hire a Professional if Unsure

You may find your home’s AC system too complicated to examine or even service anything. Should that be the case, don’t worry. It’s even more advisable that you leave issues about it to a qualified professional. That includes checking or replacing the furnace filter. Despite the costs, hiring an expert saves you the worries of doing anything the wrong way.

Your HVAC’s filter is an essential component. When operating correctly, it can mean a furnace that doesn’t strain to heat your home. The resulting efficiency keeps your energy bills low and protects you from having to carry out costly repairs. Being a woman doesn’t mean you can’t take care of your home’s heating and cooling installation. You only need to know the right maintenance practices, and that starts with taking care of the system’s filter.

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