When the matter at hand is the smoking habits of men and women, we can say that the two genders cannot exactly be considered equal, which is a saddening reality. In other words, research shows that when it comes to quitting your smoking habits and getting out of a smoking routine, women tend to have a much harder time than men, most of the time.

Even though the research on this issue is still considered to be “mixed”, it is said that in an investigation conducted not too long ago, more than a thousand people who habitually and excessively smoked made an attempt to quit their harmful habits in almost two months. It was found that ladies found it at least 33% harder to effectively quit smoking, when compared to the men in the investigation.

The gender of smokers again made a huge impact in another investigation in which about 694 people who habitually smoked tried to stop without making use of smoking cessation pharmaceuticals.


Now that we know that women, when compared to men when it comes to smoking and quitting the habit, have a much harder time, it is important to understand why this happens.

It is said that when men partake in a habit such as smoking, they do it purely for the “rush” and satisfaction that come with it, whereas women usually smoke so they can get some sort of a psychological reward, like getting to hang out with friends who also indulge in the habit. Women also smoke because of the calming effects of the substance, so they can deal with day-to-day stress.


Despite women having a hard time quitting smoking, nothing is impossible.

Here is a list of ways and tips you can utilize to quit this unhealthy habit:

* Going cold turkey: Even though this method of quitting can be potentially dangerous for most people as you might experience the withdrawal symptoms much more strongly, it is also one of the best methods of quitting. Quitting completely is definitely better than still smoking one or two cigarettes a day. Just remember that there is nothing to be scared of, no matter how intense your symptoms might get.

* Find an alternative: For some, finding an alternative might mean finding something else to do, or replacing the entire activity itself. For example, instead of going out to have a smoke with your friends, you can go watch a movie instead. But for some, finding an alternative means replacing the substance with something which does not have as many harmful effects on health. Try vaping if you don’t want to go cold turkey, as it is considerably less dangerous than smoking tobacco.

* Using nicotine patches: A nicotine patch is a kind of NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) which can be of aid if a person is quitting. This patch is actually known for doubling the success rate of smoking cessation, as it gives the user a controlled, consistent dose of nicotine for the day, which reduces nicotine withdrawal symptoms greatly.

Trying to quit gets easier if you follow these tips. Good luck!

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