How to Become a Surrogate Mother

Surrogacy is a great responsibility, and by deciding to become a surrogate mum, you are offering to give your own body, your time, your heart, and your energy. The decision to assist a less fortunate person to start a family shows your compassion, sense of dignity and your profound and abiding generosity. The journey may be challenging at first, but becoming a surrogate mother has many rewards. Through surrogacy, you’re allowing another hopeful and young couple to experience the great miracle of life.

The following steps will help you understand how you can become a surrogate mother.

Meet the first screening basics to qualify for surrogacy.

The initial step for every woman thinking of surrogacy is to fill a short questionnaire that helps the surrogate agency determine whether you meet the basic surrogate requirements including:

* Be 21 years old or older
* Have a healthy BMI
* Have a past healthy pregnancy
* Be drug-free
* Non-smoker
* Clean criminal background

If you meet the above basic requirements to qualify for surrogacy and you are ready to commit to the needed medical procedures and legal process, you can then take the initial steps in the process of surrogacy.

Determine the kind of surrogacy you want

There are two surrogacy types: gestational and traditional. In gestational surrogacy, the kid is not related at all to the surrogate mum, and the embryo is implanted in her utilizing in vitro fertilization. In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate is usually the biological mother of the kid that she carries in her womb, and her egg is typically fertilized utilizing intrauterine insemination.

Select a surrogacy expert

You may decide to work with an independent surrogacy lawyer or a surrogacy agency, depending on the support and services you will require. Remember that the requirements and the process of surrogacy may vary depending on the professional you decide to work with, as such, do your research and ensure that you choose a surrogacy expert that meets your personal needs. If you reside in California, for instance, look online for the best surrogacy agency in California, and you won’t be disappointed.

Create a surrogacy plan

After completing the screening process and selecting your preferred surrogacy agency, your surrogacy professional will help you outline your desires and objectives. You’ll make crucial decisions about the kind of parents you would like to work with during the process, your level of comfort in carrying multiples, and many more. The surrogacy plan will assist and guide the rest of your surrogacy journey.

Once you develop your surrogacy plan, then you’ll be ready to get matched with potential intended parents and start the medical and legal processes. With the appropriate screening, medical and legal preparation, you will be ready to become a surrogate mother.

Surrogacy is among the most beautiful gifts you can give to an individual or another couple. Although it can be a long and challenging process, it comes with many rewards besides financial compensation. Many past surrogate mothers have discovered that the greatest reward they experience is the great sense of pride in the service they have been able to offer.

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