Surprise Your Girlfriend With These 10 Not-So Typical Gifts

Special occasions that your significant other is looking forward to like your anniversary, her birthday or a promotion are worth celebrating. Your partner may be the type who doesn’t need material things to make her happy; but when you show up on that day bearing something very special, it’s a guarantee that it will make the occasion a hundred percent extra special.

No matter what you come up with, it’s always the thought that counts so try to make the gift as personalized as possible. Gifts that are significant to her or your relationship are always the best. But if you are having a hard time thinking of what to get her, then here are 10 not-so-typical gifts you could give your girlfriend.

Succulents or Cacti

Your gift doesn’t have to be expensive and small potted plants like a succulent or cactus would be a perfect example. This will work great as a decoration as well. Don’t worry if your woman doesn’t have a green thumb as this type of houseplant is low-maintenance. A Hoya Kerri could be a great option as this is heart-shaped and is also known as the sweetheart plant. You can either get a small pot with just one hearty leaf or get an entire plant with multiple heart leaves.

What you can do is to decorate the pot it comes in with, making it more significant for her. Talk about not spending much on a great gift!

Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils are becoming more and more popular because of their benefits. Using an essential oil is a way of aromatherapy which could be good for a person’s physical and psychological state. An essential oil diffuser can be very handy for your girl’s night-in or “me time”.

There are a few options for you to take when it comes to what type of essential oil diffuser you should get for her. But if you want something that she could bring anywhere, then an essential oil necklace diffuser would be perfect. You could either buy them as it is or customize one yourself.


A telescope can be a great gift especially if you plan on a great and romantic night of stargazing in a place with low light pollution. Consider buying a telescope that isn’t too pricey but already has great aperture and focal length.

A Zhumell Z100 would work great for inexperienced stargazers who wouldn’t want to spend over a hundred dollars for a good quality telescope. With this, you can let her see stars and even a few planets that can’t be seen through just the naked eye. Getting her a telescope could even signify the start of your traveling goal to chase the stars!

First Edition Copy of Her Favorite Book

This will make a bookworm jump for joy. First edition copies of classics are rare and so if you see your girlfriend a fan of any classics, then this is something you should get for her. Getting a rare book could really need quite an effort and even put a hole in your wallet, but it will definitely be worth it.

Just remember to get it right before ensuring your purchase. Again, this could be something pricey, especially if you look online. You can still check old bookstores for the title you’re looking for if that could help you lessen the expense.

Pandora Bracelet and Charms

Jewelry is probably something that you could give and not be too wrong about. Now, jewelry from Tiffany’s may get really pricey, but if you want affordable jewelry that almost no woman would say no to, Pandora may just hold what you’re looking for.

You can get her either a necklace or a bracelet. Either of the two is easily customizable because of the many charms and pendants you can choose from.

It’s best to get a charm or pendant that means something to her or the both of you. If you both enjoy and play music, then getting her a charm or pendant of an instrument she plays could just be the best.

Turntable and Vinyl

Records Speaking of music, a real music enthusiast could appreciate a vinyl record. If your woman doesn’t have a turntable yet, then you should get her both. You can get a turntable for as low as $40 and a visit to a record shop would let you easily score vinyl records below $5.

Besides, it’s the fact that you take note of what she listens to and enjoys if you get her the vinyl version of the record she loves. That is just very thoughtful and personalized.

Netflix Subscription

Binge-watching TV shows or movies could be really fun – either alone or with your significant other so a gift card for streaming niches like Netflix could be a great idea. It’s a simple and easy gift, that’s true. But if she really loves her shows and movies, then saying her Netflix sub will be covered for the next few months would be music to her ears.

Coffee Maker

A good ol’ coffee maker can make the heart of a caffeine fan leap a thousand miles. If your S.O. is a caffeine fan, then it is likely that she already owns a coffee maker so getting her something better like the Nespresso could never go bad.

Like a Pandora’s bracelet and charms, you can complement a Nespresso with various coffee pods that you could let her try out. Eventually, she will learn to love a few flavors, so on the next occasion, you can just get her a box full of her favorites.

Fitness Watch

A fitness watch would be great if your girlfriend is into an active lifestyle like running or working out at the gym. This could also show your support for her favorite activities. Fitness watches can be both expensive and inexpensive, depending on the functionality you prefer.

You need to know if your woman needs functionalities like a heart rate monitor, steps counter, calories burned counter, and smart technology that can let your girlfriend connect the watch to her phone. If you’re good with just the basic functionality like the steps counter, then you don’t have to spend more than $50.

Scratch-off World Map

This is another good option if you plan on traveling the world together. A scratch-off world map can make a romantic and exciting gift. She can have this hung on her wall. To make it personalized, you can number the countries based on where you’ll travel first.

If you’ve already started traveling way before this gift, then you can already scratch off the places where you’ve been. It would make a great reminder of the great things you’ve done and of what’s to come for the both of you.

What Really Matters

As much as possible, don’t just send any of these without your presence. It’s important that you personally hand them off during the special occasions where she’s expecting you to be present.

It’s really the thought that counts here so don’t be pressured about having to spend too much when it comes to giving her the perfect gift. Remember that you can make anything special as long as it’s something significant for both of you. Rather than pressuring yourself, just be excited to choose the right gift.

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