5 Reasons Women Need Friends

When a woman has friends, she tends to keep those friends for life, unless a major falling out occurs. The bond between females in friendship is massively strong and can outlast many other different types of relationships. In fact, studies have shown that women need friends in order to live a happy, healthy life. Here are some of the reasons why this is the case.

1. Reduces Stress

When women have friends, it is good for them in both the physical and emotional sense. It is easy to become stressed and to want someone to reach out to when life gets difficult. Women have an innate ability to do this and are much more likely to ask for help or look for comfort in other people’s company than men are. When women are friends, and they can spend time together and unburden themselves, they can stay much less stressed, which in turn reduces the chances of heart disease, ulcers, type II diabetes, some cancers, and mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

2. Define Priorities

Friendships – particularly friendships between women – can help to define priorities in life. In other words, they are what helps you to decide what is important to you, and what should be left behind. This is because we can see ourselves in that other person, and see the way that they prioritize their life. That’s not to say that we only do things or want things because someone else is doing it or wanting it, but it does mean that we have a chance to see our own lives mirrored back to us clearly, giving us the opportunity to improve our life where necessary.

3. Extra Support

When you have good friends, they will support you through anything. They will help you through the most difficult of situations, whether it’s you needing to attend drug rehab St. Louis, a death of a loved one, illness, or happier events such as the birth of a child or being promoted at work. No matter what it is that is happening in your life; good friends will be able to support you and help you, cheering you on where necessary and giving comfort and help where needed.

4. You Can Help Others

Friendship works both ways, and if you have friends not only will they care for and support you, but you can do the same for them. It will help you to have empathy with people in general, and it will teach you a number of necessary and useful life skills along the way. Having friends, therefore, will make you a better, kinder, happier, more productive person who can see more and get more out of life.

5. Feel Happy

Of course, when you’re with your female friends, you’ll feel happy! You’ll feel content and at ease. Everything will feel right with the world. This is not just a feeling that no one can explain; there is scientific fact behind it. Being around your female friends means you are releasing oxytocin, a hormone designed to make you feel happy and healthy. So it really is a good idea to have at least one good female friend to rely on and spend time with.

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