Travelling Pregnant: Will Your EHIC Cover Giving Birth In Europe?

Travelling can be a very stressful time, but going abroad whilst pregnant can make you feel a little apprehensive. Whether you are three or eight months pregnant, the worry that you may miscarry or, if you are in the later stages, give birth, due to the flight, may be stopping you from taking to the air. We are going to put your mind at rest, while we help you to prepare for flying pregnant, in addition to posing the question whether your EHIC will cover giving birth in Europe or not.

Be Prepared

If you are travelling whilst pregnant, it is essential that you have everything that you need, including all the crucial documents. You will, of course, need your passport and EHIC, so if you need to renew your card, you can easily do it online via an e111 application form. What’s more, you will also need an S2 form. This form works alongside the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card, and covers you if were to give birth during your travels to Europe.

Furthermore, you must also get the ‘all clear’ from your doctor before travelling, by having a health check-up for both you and the baby, and any injections that are necessary to prevent illness.

Be Comfortable

It is important that you are as comfortable as possible when you travel to Europe during pregnancy. By taking travel pillows and loosely fitted clothes, you can ensure that you won’t feel too restricted during the flight.

You should also pack comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the climate in the European country you are visiting. Wear loose and baggy clothing, or specific maternal outfits from shops in the UK, if you want to still look stylish. Wearing light materials, in both colour and weight, will help to keep the heat off you, so you can be as cool as possible whilst you carry your baby around. Packing a pair of sturdy leggings will also allow you to have plenty of movement when you move around.


In addition to being comfortable, it is also recommended that you get travel insurance during your time away in Europe. Not only is having insurance important when travelling overseas in general, but it is especially important when you are pregnant and flying abroad. Travel insurance will help to pay expenses should you fall Ill, in addition to covering the cost of an emergency flight home or extra accommodation, should it be required. The insurance can be purchased for just the duration of your holiday and will protect all of whom are under the policy.

By having this insurance, you can rest assured that you will be looked after in the unlikely event that something happens and you require medical assistance.

Hopefully, this quick guide will help you feel more at ease when travelling overseas whilst pregnant and you can plan your holiday knowing that you will be looked after if you do give birth or fall ill during your trip. If you are still unsure about flying or going on holiday during pregnancy, then speak to your doctor, who will advise you about what is best for you and your baby.

Thanks to Bhagirathsinh Gohil

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