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English 101 is a course which is inevitable for those who want to gain a college or university degree. Though this class is rather basic, it is challenging at the same time. Of course, in several years, you will remember about problems with English 101 with a smile, because you have much more complex assignments ahead of you. However, now, you have to make efforts and deal with English 101 essay writing at the highest level of quality. It is crucial, because professors, giving you writing assignments in other disciplines later, will assume that you’ve already aced in English 101 and know basics to the dot. Saying this though, with anyone who is not fluent in the english language or has problems when it comes to grammar, writing essays and assignments may not be easy. With this being said, checking out something like AJ Hoge’s website could be the answer to this problem. Learning the english language can get you far, especially when it comes to your career.

Here, we present you with some valuable English 101 essay writing tips given by academic writing experts. Of course, not all of them will be fully applicable to your recent assignment, and some of them might seem obvious, but it is better to repeat some basics than not to know about them at all.

Don’t Neglect Rules Stated in Your Writing Handbook

We are used to looking for tips in Google, but at the same time, we often neglect the basic rules stated in handbooks. Pay attention to the initial requirements of your assignment and find the corresponding provisions in the manual. It would help if you remembered, that handbooks state what is expected from you by the particular educational institution. You will find tips on the organization of your essay and the requirements for formatting style, etc.

Get Used to Reading Twice

It sounds like a paradox, but English 101 is first of all not about writing, it is about reading. Without very attentive reading you won’t be able to gather material and make in-depth research of the text. Even if you are not an avid reader and book lover you should get used to the idea of reading every text minimum twice — one to receive an overall impression and understanding, and another — to make needed notes and define quotes you can use later in your essay. It is excellent if you have energy and time to read it for the third time, but we are not dreamers here.

Make Use of Grammar Checkers and Manuals

Your English 101 essay should be grammatically correct, so don’t forget about online grammar and spelling checkers and college manuals. No matter which one you choose — Grammarly, Hemingway, Ginger or any other, you should always remember that none of them will make all the work for you. They are perfect for technical checks, but they cannot substitute meticulous manual checks. However, if you use paid extended versions for at least half a year, you will notice that you almost don’t make any technical omissions, which is very good. It will also be beneficial if you if you use other online tools helpful in saving time? For example, citation generators.

Use Plagiarism Checkers for Good

We know that you are well aware of the dangers of the plagiarized essays, more of it, you will never do it on purpose. However, sometimes students can plagiarise by mistake, and you should make sure your English 101 essay is written from scratch and entirely original before you submit it to your professor. Find several plagiarism checkers and use them to check your final draft. To avoid unintentional plagiarism use in-text citations every time you “borrow” something from another source, even if you use 3-4 words from an entire article. The problem is, professors, know those books and articles, and will quickly see if you don’t use the citation in the right place.

Don’t Use Questionable Resources

It is a mistake to think that you can use any relevant online source for your English 101 essay writing. In many educational institutions, even Wikipedia is forbidden to be cited, not speaking about some blogs and posts. You should make yourself aware of your college’s policy regarding the applicable sources and strictly follow it. It is also better to use Google Scholar search instead of simple Google to look for sources. Most probably your college grants you with free access to several online libraries — use them!

Be ready to write something more in-depth researched and extended than a five-paragraph essay. Good luck!

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