6 Tips on Selecting the Right Online Florist

When people think of sending someone’s flowers, they will go online to search for the online florist shops. There are many online florist shops and each one looks professional which makes you hard to decide which one you should buy from. The following are 6 tips on selecting the right online florist.

1. The Florist’ Website Must Be User Friendly

Firstly, when you come to an online florist shop, you must browse around and see if it provides good navigation. There should be no broken link and every flower bouquet product page should have a clear description and title. The store should provide enough selections of flowers. There must be a functioning search box where you can enter keyword and find the flower you want to buy. It should also provide some helpful information to help customers in selecting the right flowers.

2. The Florist Must Offer Good Customer Service

The online florist must offer good customer service. They must be able to answer your questions regarding the flowers. For example, they must be willing to provide tips on caring for the flowers and give suggestions on the flower arrangement. A good online florist will make sure that all your questions are answered. The online florist must maintain a telephone number and email where customers can contact them. If they offer good customer service, people would recommend them and give them positive reviews.

3. The Florist Must Deliver to Your Area

Before buying, you must always make sure that they offer delivery service to your area first. You can scroll down to the footer or check the FAQ section to see which area they deliver. Normally, they only deliver to nearby cities so you should only order the flowers online. There are some online florist shops that will charge extra fees for delivery to a further location. Get more details at here.

4. The Florist Must Have the Flowers You Want to Buy

If they do deliver to your area, you must check whether they offer the flower that you want to buy. If the flower is in season, you will be able to get it at a cheaper price. If the flower is not in season, you may want to give her other types of flowers that she like.

5. Customize it with a Vase and Card

You may also want to consider including a vase in the flower gift. In this way, she can immediately fill the vase with water and put the flowers in it. This will allow the flower to last longer. Another thing that you must not forget is to include a card with the flower gift. You can write a love letter on the card so that the recipient will be impressed when she receives the flowers.

6. Check the Same Day Delivery Cut Off Time

There is a cut off time for placing the order if you want the flower to be delivered on the same day. For example, it requires that you place your order by 2pm in the customer time zone. So, you must check with the recipient time zone and make sure you placed the order before the cut off time so that the recipient can receive the flower on the same day. You also have to contact the recipient and tell her to be available at the address to sign for the flower delivery.

7. Check the TOS for Cancellation and Refund Policies

Before placing the order, you must read the terms and service first. The tos will state how they send the flowers fresh to the recipient. It will also include information on how to cancel the order and get a refund if you feel the flower delivery service is not satisfactory.

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