When you’re looking for Employment, writing a resume can be complex for women given that you aren’t the only candidate applying for that job. In fact, there are many cases of taking so much time in writing a resume but never to hear about it again after being submitted. The reality is that it is possible no one even check your resume at all. The reason is not far-fetched; many large companies use applicant tracking systems that scan your resume to know if you are the right person for the job. That is why having a rock-solid resume is critical to landing that dream job. Your resume has to be exceptional to stand out among all and concurrently, ward off the challenges of attracting the hiring managers and the applicant tracking system doing their work.

As a woman, many companies may prefer men for the job you are applying for. But, you have to be convincing and definite in your resume to make them become convinced you are the best candidate for the job.

Now let’s take a look at the best 5 tips for resume writing for women.

1. Review Resume Samples

The first tip that should be noted when writing a resume is reviewing the examples that fit a variety of employment situations which will be a guide for you to select a style and format that will highlight your strengths and achievements. Using a resume template can be the best option for you as a starter as this will make it possible for you to use the personally customized the predesigned platform. You can just download a free resume sample from websites such as Ladders and edit as per your needs. Take your time to decide on the one that best fits your skill set, educational background, and work experience so as to customize it to your taste. This will make your resume look genuine and original.

2. Use Keywords from the Job Description

Try using keywords from the job description you are applying to, as this will be the key tools that will be used to find the best candidate for the position. For instance, if you are applying for the position of an accountant, use keywords relating to that position. These keywords can also be put at the top of your resume as this will also get the attention of the hiring managers.

3. Do Not Stuff Your Resume with Excessive Information

It is also essential when writing a resume to be selective. You may have a lot of working experience and educational background, but too much information can be devastating and difficult to read thus hurting your chance to stand out among the rest. Just stick to the most essential to the job available and remember the keywords. A page should be enough for your resume albeit in a clean, readable font.

4. Include Only Relevant Job Experiences

It is essential to avoid listing irrelevant experience when writing a resume. Don’t just list out your experience to show off or for the sake of it. Put in the experiences that are completely relevant to the position you are applying for. For instance, putting in a teaching experience of 10 years ago for a marketing job is wrong as teaching isn’t relevant to the job. But in the circumstance where teaching is the only experience you’ve got, then let it prove a point, whether it shows your ability to commit to a job or your ability to interact among different sets of people.

5. Highlight Your Successes

Lastly, it is essential to show your success. Try to provide little statistics to back up your previous work success as this will be a clear indicator for the hiring managers that you are success driven and goal oriented. You can also include project you have partaken in that might have been risky but paid off. This will go a long way to convince the hiring managers that you are the best candidate for the development of their organization.

Writing a resume can be very easy if you follow the right step and know all the right tips for it. To secure that dream job, you can always hire resume professional writers for a unique and genuine resume that will make you stand out among the crowd.

Thanks to Jennifer Broflowski

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