7 Unexpected Ways Quitting Smoking Makes You More Productive and Motivate

When you start thinking about the career moves you hope to make in the near future, you consider different approaches. A woman leader can try different strategies until she finds the one that works perfectly for her. She has secret weapons opportunities to arrange her special strengths and the ability to adapt talents.

Quitting smoking can be beneficial for your career. It is easy and at the same time challenging way to improve your time-management, productivity, and professionalism. Here are 7 ways your new healthier lifestyle can enhance the advancement of your career.

1. Keeps you healthy and alive

It is obvious that a human who suffers from serious health problems can’t work. It is also well-known that smoking causes many diseases, including different types of cancer, heart attack, and heart disease. This habit is detrimental to almost every organ of our body.

But the human body is amazing. It starts healing itself the moment you quit smoking. Just within 24 hours after your last cigarette, your lungs will begin to clear out all of the horrible stuff left behind when you smoke. Within a year your risk of coronary heart disease will be half that of a smoker.

Of course, going ‘cold turkey’ is not easy for most people. Many light up a cigarette when they face a usual trigger like a stressful situation at work.

Women who can’t give up smoking at once choose Vapingdaily vape kits as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. These devices give users similar sensations but don’t expose them to a large number of toxins contained in tobacco smoke.

2. Creates more time on your schedule

Recent laws force smokers to go outdoors and find a place to take a puff. Women who quit often say they feel more in control of their lives. They don’t need to plan their days around smoking breaks.

All those breaks add up. As a result, you waste the time that was intended for work and procrastinate on your projects. The more you smoke, the less time is left for doing your job.

Sure, we all need several breaks during the workday. But there are more effective ways to have a rest. Enjoy a healthy snack, exercise for 5 minutes, or get in a little relaxation taking a few deep breaths. It will give you more energy than a cigarette

3. Creates a pleasant impression

One of the biggest social drawbacks of smoking is the smell of tobacco. I didn’t realize how badly I smelled until I quit.

Smoking also causes bad breath, yellow teeth, and pale skin. Appearance has a big psychological effect in a professional workplace. It is especially important for people who work in PR and Marketing sector to be able to make a positive impression on people.

Vaping can be your way out. A vape starter kit gives you an opportunity to enjoy pure e-vapor with a tasty flavor, devoid of tobacco odor and other undesirable consequences. You won’t longer smell like an ashtray!

4. Makes you feel more awake

Smoking is a frequent cause of fatigue and exhaustion. It takes away precious energy you need to excel and makes you less ambitious.

Toxic chemicals you inhale every day cause a reduction of oxygen capacity of blood. It steals a vital life force that is necessary to your organs, including your brain.

Better blood circulation and higher oxygen levels will directly correlate with the improvement of productivity. Physical activity improves after 2-12 weeks after a person quits smoking. And if you have a cheerful body, you have an active mind. You’ll be able to work extra-long hours with upgraded efficiency.

5. Reduces stress and anxiety

Contrary to popular belief, smoking doesn’t help to cope with stress. Several studies prove that nicotine dependence cause anxiety, and stress. These mental conditions influence the quality of one’s work.

Our good mood partly depends on dopamine. Regular smoking causes an excessive overflow of this element. When it returns to normal levels, you can experience withdrawal symptoms. They include inner stress that is not provoked by any outer cause.

Severe cases may involve aggressiveness, especially when we work under pressure. This is the last thing you want in a workplace. Act aggressively once and your reputation as a responsible and understanding leader will be tainted forever.

It is advisable for people who have troubles with managing stress to quit smoking a.s.a.p. It will improve the blood flow to all parts of the body and greatly reduces stress and fatigue. Choose the best vape that will help you relax and calm down after the long working day.

6. Improves focus

Smoking has mixed effect on our brain. The nicotine intake can increase concentration, but only for a short time. In the long run, it does more harm to your ability to work attentively on any task.

7. Makes you a role model

It’s interesting that all smokers know about the harmful effect of tobacco but still can’t drop their habit. People who manage to quit get respect from those who keep struggling with tobacco. Former smokers are viewed subconsciously as role models. Colleagues attribute them such traits as remarkable willpower and maturity. And they are right. When you quit, your self-confidence will boost. You’ll become a better leader.

Nowadays smoking is becoming more and more unpopular among women. Companies want non-smoking people for leadership roles. They are perceived as more active, disciplined and goal-oriented than someone who constantly puffs on their cigarettes. Such people can imbibe organizations with the right vibe.

About the Author: Phyllis Baker is the journalist and independent writer specializing in health and addiction treatment. Currently, she blogs about quitting smoking.

Thanks to Phyllis Baker

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