4 Ways To Get Back In Shape After Giving Birth

Having a baby is a wonderful thing, but it can have a huge impact on your body both during and after your pregnancy and, of course, the birth itself. Many women find that they put on a lot of weight, and some even have to go up a size or two in shoes as well, which they want to shed as soon as possible after their baby is born. To start with, you do need to let your body rest and recuperate, but once that is done, there are some easy ways to get back into shape. Here are some of them.

Start Early

It’s easy to get tempted into bad habits when you’re pregnant. After all, if you’re gaining weight anyway what does one extra slice of chocolate cake or another takeout pizza matter? The truth is it matters a lot. When you’re pregnant, some of the weight you put on is down to the baby, but some can be due to eating too much of the wrong foods, cravings can play a big part in this as well, and this is the weight that is hardest to shift when it’s all over. Eat well and healthily throughout your pregnancy and losing weight and getting back in shape will be a lot easier.

Go Natural

Nature has its own way of helping you to lose weight, starting with the birth. Not only will you lose the pounds that were your baby, but you’ll also lose a little more besides because you’ll no longer carry around all that fluid or the placenta. All in all, you can expect to lose around 11 to 13 pounds immediately after giving birth.

Breastfeeding is another natural way of losing weight since it burns around 800 calories each day. Plus your baby is a good means of exercise; holding them on your chest while you do lunges (once you are fully recovered!), pushing the stroller, and carrying them around, in general, all help. If you find that there is a little bit of stubborn fat that just won’t go, you can easily try liposuction; Vaser Lipo recovery times are very quick, and it is more gentle than traditional liposuction.

Sleep When You Can

When you have a baby, your sleep cycles can get very confused, and that can cause your metabolism to have issues, meaning that weight is harder to lose. Trying to get a little nap in when your baby is sleeping is a good way of catching up on the sleep you’ve been missing, and can help your metabolism start to work again. Your energy levels will increase, and your sugar cravings should reduce too.

Change Your Eating Habits

Being pregnant does give women the feeling that they can pretty much eat anything they want and get away with it. As mentioned above, that’s not entirely true, but it can be a habit that is easy to fall into and difficult to pull out of again. To help yourself, try to space your meals out evenly so your energy levels never get a chance to dip and you aren’t tempted to reach for the sugar. Never forget your breakfast either as this will get your metabolism working early in the day, plus you’ll feel better for it and more ready to face the day, even if you didn’t sleep too well.

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