Unique Snacks That Will Boost Your Energy

Finding ways to stay alert during the day can be tricky, especially when you have your day jam-packed with work commitments and family time. It can become even more of a struggle when you must cram in your gym sessions, and it can often feel like you have no energy to push your body and complete your workout. You will be aware of snacks like bananas and green smoothies that promise to boost your abilities and prolong your workout, but there are some you may not expect to be your helping hand. To guide you on your way, make sure to take note of these unique but energy-boosting snacks to take with you.

Coconut Balls

You may be used to having a store-bought energy bar with you when you go to the gym, which can be a drain on your pocket but can also raise questions about where your food has come from. If you have a short pocket of time free in your week, you can make use of the fat burning and energy boosting properties of coconuts by making your own coconut energy balls, which you can find many recipes for online.

Gourmet chocolate

Dark chocolate is known for its anti-oxidants and high caffeine content, which many people are starting to rely on whenever they need some more energy in their day. Not only does it help to satisfy sugar cravings, but you can find interesting new flavors popping up on the market which can be an exciting way to bring energy into your day, from smoked salt to bacon, popping candy to strawberry, you can usually find something to suit everyone.

Soy Crisps

As small bites of protein, fiber, and vitamins, soy crisps are a tasty and unexpected way to bring more energy into your life. With minimal calories, but the maximum impact, they are an easy way to consume energy throughout the day if you have a store of them in your bag. The only thing to be careful of is the high levels of sodium per serving, which you can counteract by eating small portions and drinking lots of water.

Sweet potato smoothie

Sweet potatoes have long been the potatoes healthier, more nutritional cousin, which are filled with un-refined carbohydrates which are perfect for slow-release energy. Sweet potato fries, mash, and chips are one way of eating them, but they often come with added salt and seasoning. Start from scratch to make your own sweet potato smoothie, which you can take with you in your bag as you go about your day.

Nutty Bites

Nuts such as pistachios and almonds are known to contain high levels of protein which are essential to bringing sustained energy to your day. They taste great and often go well with flavorings like dark chocolate and coconut when you are making your own nutty bites. Make sure you cram as many nuts as you can so that your body becomes filled with healthy fats and protein that will provide your energy boost.

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