How Can We Engage More Women to Enjoy Sports?

More men than women play sports and this is well known in every country. Although there are now more women’s soccer teams and other sporting teams that you can get involved in on play sport, men are still encouraged more than women to enjoy sports. This begins from an early age including parents and schools and we can change this by encouraging girls to find the sport they enjoy from an early age.

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Many times, when we see adverts on tv, online or in magazines for sports or sporting labels, there are more men than women on these adverts. If women saw more women playing sports, they may be more empowered to try a sport themselves. Sometimes women may also want to play just against other women and therefore more women’s sides should be advertised in all sports. There are many obvious sports that offer these such as netball which doesn’t give women much choice, and for more contact sports they may not want to play against men. Physically men are larger than women and in contact sports they grow muscles to be stronger, therefore this would not be a fair contest and could put many girls off wanting to play in case they got badly injured.


Many parents are guilty of this without even realizing but they may send their boys to soccer, football or baseball games while mom stays at home or does something with their female child. If a girl is left out of this event from an early age they will not be engaged with sports and will not understand them as they get older. Get your girls involved with sports from an early age, whether this be taking them to games with you, playing in the back yard, helping you pick out teams on Diamond Mind Online, or trying to influence them to join sporting teams. This doesn’t mean just playing sports, but watching them and following them online. If they truly understand a game, they are more likely to enjoy sports.


The real love of sports starts in school when children get involved with after school clubs and play during their physical education lessons. Schools should offer a range of sports for all children as if they only offer two, this may discourage girls from wanting to play any sports. Some girls may feel more encouraged to play if they are offered female only sports, others may prefer to play with the boys. The more choice and empowerment they have over their sporting, the more chance they will want to join in.

Encouraging more females to enjoy sports starts from an early age and the best way to do so is by giving them a choice. The more choice a female has over what sport they enjoy and want to watch, the more they will enjoy it. However, not all women may enjoy sports and this is a personal choice, if they do not enjoy it, forcing them to keep playing will not change their minds.

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