6 Things Strong, Single And Independent Women Never Do

Being strong and independent doesn’t just mean you have your own apartment and you’re not depending on your parents. That’s not the point. It’s what you carry inside that matters.

It’s the way you think and the way you act. You can be alone and proud of it. You don’t need anyone’s help and you don’t seek it. You know that you are more than capable of doing anything you wish and no one and nothing can stop you.

Strong and independent women won’t seek approval in meaningless relationships because they feel good about themselves, they love themselves and, most importantly, they respect themselves. That’s why they won’t date broken men because they refuse to date someone just so they don’t end up alone.

Being alone is not that bad and a strong and independent woman like you knows that. Along with this, there is a list of things you would never do, which define you as strong, independent, and single, yet fabulous.

1. They never fail to handle problematic situations

It is normal that all people can handle things that need a bit more involvement and hard work but strong and independent women can do this single-handedly without anyone’s help. They make sure that their voice is heard and their decisions are theirs only, without anyone’s influence. That’s why they can get out of any kind of situation that bothers them. They always find a solution.

2. They think first

They never react to their first impulse. They are smart enough to first think things through before taking any action they might regret later. That ability of being able to see what’s wrong or good at the right moment is a quality people like you have. They won’t rush into relationships right away or they won’t buy something right away if they are not one hundred percent positive they like it.

3. They don’t tolerate cheating

That’s why they would rather be single than tolerate men who take advantage of them. You don’t mess with a strong and independent woman. They see right through lies and deceit. So even if a guy is swearing he is truly, madly and deeply in love with a woman like that but he cheats on her and tries to manipulate her, she will see it and she will leave. These women will give you their trust but if you cross them, they will cross you—forever.

4. They never blame others for their mistakes

If they mess something up, they are strong enough to own up to it. They won’t blame others for something they did because they are not scared of the consequences. Strong women like you know exactly how to deal with their problems and they are aware that there is always a solution, you just have to work hard to get to it.

5. They never stay in toxic relationships

It would be logical to think that strong and independent people attract other strong and independent people but things don’t always work that way. Sometimes they attract weak, insecure and toxic people who will try to manipulate their way into getting their strength and making them feel like crap for a change. But these women recognize when they are being manipulated and they get out. They have the strength to set themselves free from a manipulator’s claws.

6. They see right through the ‘all talk no action’ men

They won’t fall for the bullshit lines these men feed them. They have enough self-respect to appreciate themselves and to never seek validation, which these men so gladly give. They will tell you pretty much anything just to get into your pants. So, if anyone knows how to spot a fuckboy and deal with him, it’s a strong and independent woman.

Meta: Strong and independent women won’t seek approval in meaningless relationships because they feel good about themselves, they love themselves and, most importantly, they respect themselves.

Credit: Herway.net

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