Take an Empowering Trip as a Solo Female Traveler

Is there anything more liberating than embarking on a great adventure? ‘Out Of Office’ on, bag packed up and a whole world of opportunities waiting ahead for you. Some adventures are best taken alone — if you’re looking to challenge yourself, to meet new people, perhaps even fall in love, you stand a much greater chance of self-development if you hit the road solo.

It’s fair, though, if you are nervous about taking a trip without the support of a friend or partner. Especially as a female, it can seem as though the risks outweigh the benefits. However, if you’re contemplating vacationing on your own, we’re here to tell you that you can do it safely and enjoyably by considering the following:

Be open to new experiences

Frankly, it’s a false economy to invest in a solo trip but then limit yourself to the activities and experiences you are open to. One of the most wonderful things about travel is that it pushes you out of your comfort zone, teaches you an abundance of new things and helps shift your perspective on the world.

You should go into your solo adventure ready to tackle challenges and be willing to say ‘Yes’ to opportunities that arise. Do your research before you land, so you know what to expect from the places you’ll visit. Bookmark any wild, adventurous or unusual activities you’d like to take part in, so that you’ve got ample time to get your head around actually doing them!

You’d be doing yourself a disservice if you weren’t open to the wonderful new experiences your trip with offer.

Make the most of doing what you want

Yes, it’s great to travel with other people. However, often you’ll end up compromising on destinations, accommodation, budget and activities, as you’ll be trying to keep everyone happy. The benefit of taking a trip on your own means you set the agenda — you can do whatever you want, whenever you want to.

This may feel scary and intimidating at first, but you’ll soon realize it’s truly exhilarating to live life by your own rhythm. Want to wake up at 5 am to trek? Go for it. Feel like spending the whole day lazing around in a hammock? Who’s going to stop you? Immerse yourself in the unusual experience of living by no one else’s standards other than your own — it’s a luxury one rarely gets in “real” life back home.


Even if writing doesn’t come naturally to you, your future self will be so thankful if you document your experiences as you travel. You may only note down what you did that day, or you may feel like writing pages of heartfelt prose about the people you’ve met and the things you’ve seen. There is no right or wrong way to journal — it’s entirely your output, to create as you please.am to trek? Go for it. Feel like spending the whole day lazing around in a hammock? Who’s going to stop you? Immerse yourself in the unusual experience of living by no one else’s standards other than your own — it’s a luxury one rarely gets in “real” life back home.

Capturing your thoughts, however, will help you better understand the emotions you’re experiencing. This documentation will also be a wonderful reminder of the fun you had when you re-read it further on in life.

Look for opportunities to join groups

Whilst being self-directed and independent is a great state of mind, sometimes it’s simply easier or safer to do an activity as part of an organized group. You’ll find no shortage of tour operators online and even in cities and tourist destinations once you’re already out on the road; keep an eye out for travel agents or ask your hostel or hotel staff for recommendations. You may even find day trips organized by your accommodation — these are a great way to indulge in friendly company and get to know the people you’re staying with.

Excursions such as boat trips and dive experiences are particularly good as part of a group, as the cost of renting this equipment to go it alone would put you back a fair amount. You may find that certain trips are only possible as part of a tour, for instance a trip to the Galapagos Islands. If you’ve always dreamt about settling sail to this incredible UNESCO World Heritage Site click here to read more.

Wherever you go, remember it’s important that you book with a reputable and trustworthy tour provider, so ensure you check them out before you pay any deposits.

Get advice and support online

There’s a blossoming community of solo female travelers using the web to share tips, support and keep in touch with each other. You can find these on all manner of social media sites, as well as on blog platforms such as WordPress.

Some women in these groups have been traveling on their own for decades, so if you’ve got any doubts or questions they are the girls to go to.

Above all: safety first

Unfortunately, women do have to be aware of the potential dangers of traveling alone. Indeed, you may feel less confident in certain countries and continents than in others.

Generally speaking, try not to judge a place on the media — news stories tend to be sensationalist and don’t give a fair representation of the country. If you need reassurance, tap into an online group, as above, and ask other women if they’ve traveled to that country and whether they’d deem it safe or not.

When vacationing, you should follow the same rules you do when back at home: avoid quiet places at night, tell people where you’re going if you’re going out alone, approach strangers with care and always have your wits about you. If you’re particularly nervous about going alone, perhaps take a solo trip closer to home first until you’ve built up the confidence to go overseas or further afield.

Solo travel is empowering, so go for it!

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