Simple Strategies For Becoming More Independent

As a woman, it’s not always easy to get on your own two feet in a world that seems to be kinder toward men. What you need are strategies for becoming more independent and the self-assurance that you’ll be okay alone if you have to be.

Being independent doesn’t mean you have to go through life all on your own, but that you’re willing and able to make decisions based on your individual logic and reasoning. You aren’t afraid to go against the crowd and do what’s best for you when you’re self-sufficient. What you need to do is start believing in yourself and your abilities and move forward with confidence.

Learn how to Problem Solve instead of Panic

You’re going to face unwanted and difficult situations in your lifetime, but what you can’t do is panic and not give yourself a chance to solve your problem. For example, if you get in a car accident, don’t dial up your parents and start tearing up, instead get on the phone with a law firm like Lopex and Humphries ( who can help you get out of your sticky situation and prove you’re not at fault.

Meditate in your Downtime

Meditation is a great way to get in tune with yourself and learn more about who you are as a person. It allows for deep soul searching and the chance for you to build confidence in yourself and become more independent through the power of your mind. Think about what you want out of life and visualize yourself getting there on your own. Using your free time as a chance to reflect will allow you to act the way you prefer when faced with life’s daily challenges. Meditation has many benefits and one of those being you become a healthier and stronger person who is able to function as your own person.

Avoid Always Relying on others for Answers

You need to train your brain not to automatically run to others when you have a question or problem. Step back and use your critical thinking and analytical skills to help you come to a conclusion without immediately gathering outside opinions. You become independent when you’re at a point where you completely trust yourself to make decisions and find solutions without the immediate assistance from other people. While it’s okay to consult with those close to you, don’t rely on them to tell you what to do.

Work Toward Supporting yourself

Spend your time finding a job you love, making your own money and living where you prefer given your current situation. Learn to be happy although you’re single and without someone else to lean on. Even if you’re in a relationship, it’s still a good idea to prove to yourself you can make it on your own or survive if anything should happen to your significant other. Realize you have talents and abilities too and that the world is waiting for you to put them to good use.


Being independent is a refreshing and freeing lifestyle all women deserve to experience. Use these tips to become more autonomous in your own life and enjoy the rewards that come with doing so. It’s a process so be patient and remember to give yourself credit for small successes along the way.

Thanks to Ana Apostolska

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