How to stand out from the crowd

If you want to increase your chances of getting a promotion, winning investment for your business idea or simply having your voice heard, it’s a good idea to find a way to ensure you stand out from the crowd. Read on for a few tips on how to make sure you not only get noticed but also leave a lasting impression.

Maintain your own mind

Though it’s sometimes tempting or simply easier to go along with whatever the most popular approach is, it’s important to stick with your own ideas and not let them be distorted by others. Although it takes a huge amount of resolve to resist the urge to comply, the long-term damage to your self-esteem from suppressing your thoughts and ideas will be far worse.

Be flexible enough to ensure you allow yourself to absorb input and don’t simply stubbornly stick to ideas or theories that are incorrect simply for the sake of it. If you are certain your ideas have genuine value, then ensuring they form part of the agenda is key to being able to take them forward. Whatever industry or profession you are part of, the ability to inject new ideas into the existing systems is an important way of ensuring the enterprise continues to grow and develop.

Be nice

Don’t fall for the commonly perceived notion that only the most ruthless individuals can succeed in business and life. While this may be the case in some professions, for the vast majority of people you can get far further by being nice than you can by being mean.

It’s especially important to leave the people around you with a positive impression at the start of your career as you never know where the people working alongside you might end up and what opportunities they may be able to offer you in the future.

It’s easy to be nice to people when you want something from them – a far better test of character and resolve is to be nice to everybody even if they have nothing to offer you at the time. Let such behavior become a habit, and it will eventually pay dividends.

Have a strong image

You don’t need to go crazy and adopt a wild hairstyle or outrageous outfits, but you can ensure you always present yourself in a way that gently sets you aside from the rest of the crowd. It could be that you always wear interesting, slightly quirky earrings, that you store your possessions in a bag with an unusual pattern or that you are always one of the first to get your hands on the latest piece of technology.

Other ideas include having a custom-made case for your handset, such as a model from the S9 Plus Cases range. Such cases not only protect but look great and, because they are designed to your specifications, are truly unique.

Having a strong, identifiable personality trait will not only make you more memorable and therefore more distinct from the people around you, it will also encourage people to seek you out for advice about particular aspects of their lives.

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