How To Help Your Child With Homework

One thing that children are yet to grow fond of is homework. Children want to come home after school and have nothing to do with books. They would rather come home, relax, catch their favorite cartoon, have dinner and sleep. There are tips that you as a parent would use, to help your child with homework.

1. Know your children’s teachers and what they look for

Schools often have many events. As a parent, you are encouraged to attend most of these events, if not all. Take the time to talk with your children’s teachers. Discuss their policies with them. During these discussions, get to know from the teachers` how you could actively get involved with your child’s homework. Getting involved helps your child feel that it is not their burden alone. It helps them see that the homework is intended more for their good when you work with them at it.

2. Set up a homework friendly area for your children

One thing you should keep in mind is the ambience of where your child is doing their homework from. You want to ensure that your child sticks to that area till they are done with their homework. You should also ensure to keep them in a place that is a bit far from distractions. All necessary items such as paper, pens, books, scissors, glue, colors, should be within reach for your child. This will help them enjoy doing their homework because they have all things in place for them.

3. Come up with a regular schedule time for study

From your observation as a parent, you would know what times are best for your child to study or do their homework. There are children who would rather study in the afternoon, have a snack and then go out to play. Others would prefer to spend a little time studying after dinner. Depending on your child’s study pattern, come up with a schedule. Ensure that it is a schedule your child can always work with to avoid breaking the pattern and getting too reluctant.

4. If any homework problem persists, seek help

There are times that none of the things you do to aid your child in homework does not work. Take a step. Talk to your child’s teacher and see what problem they would be experiencing most while at school. This help will greatly help improve your child’s performance in school.

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There are numerous ways to have your child helped. You just have to combine them all or find your own way.

5. Help your child come up with a homework plan

There are times when your child has a lot of homework. Leaving them to that entire task is subjecting them to fatigue, and sleep before they are done with the assignment. Help them come up with a plan. This works best for such days of too much assignment. Help your child or children come up with different times for specific chunks of assignment. This could include the subjects and how much time they could take in that particular assignment.

6. Ensure that all distractions have been kept at a minimum

From your observations as a parent, you would best know what distracts your child most during homework. It could be TV, their phone or laptop. The only times they would be allowed to use their phone is during that time they need to consult with a student. Any other time should be prohibited to keep them focused on assignments.

7. Let the child do their own work

It is normal for a parent to want to do everything for their child. This especially happens when the child is really struggling with the assignment. If as a parent you find yourself not letting your child think, it could be harmful. What is allowed is guiding and giving directions and letting them think for themselves. This will broaden their thinking capacity and give them a desire to source for more information.

8. Act as your child’s motivator and monitor

How you talk to your child especially on school matters counts so much in your child’s life. Do not be the kind of parent who shows no concern for their performance. Do not also be the kind of parent who shouts at them or scolds them for not understanding. Encouraging them means being there for them. When they pass tests, cheer them up. When they are experiencing difficulty, assist them. You as a parent should be your child’s greatest cheerleader.

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