Women’s Big BUTT Workout Plan

You will agree with me that when you ask every lady what part of their body they would like to whip unto shape the most, the answer is most likely going to be their butt. It is also true that the female body part most attractive to guys is the butt too. These facts go a long way to explaining the craze behind a bigger butt for women. This has led to the creation and profusion of a lot of women’s big butt workout plan. While some of these plans are to be avoided, there are those that are very effective.

One of the ways to tell if a workout plan is to be embraced is in its content, that is, what it recommends – the diets and exercises. For the sake of this article, our emphasize will be on exercises. For any big butt workout plan to be considered, here are some exercises to look out for.

Dumbbell Dead-lift

There is hardly a way you can talk about an effective butt workout without making mention of this exercise. This exercise is so effective that it does not just strengthen the butt, but the arms, legs, back and legs as well. Not to talk about the benefits it also has on the general health of the body. A great way of working on the form of your butt is doing a dead-lift exercise. After a few sessions of this exercise, you would be surprised at the result you would get.

Flutes Bridges

This is one exercise that really allows you to focus on activating and engaging the correct muscles. They also recruit muscle fibers necessary to achieve a strong and sexy butt.

Doing the flutes bridge is no doubt a perfect way to having your butt muscles warmed up. They may be challenging at the beginning as stated in Well Massive, but the more you do it, the better you will become. In the end, you will enjoy it.

Free Squats

This is another king of butt exercises. Whether or not it is more effective than the deadlift is unknown. But one thing is sure, just like the deadlift exercise, it is a compound exercise that functions by strengthening not just the glutes but the entire lower body like abdominals, calves, hamstrings, hips and quadriceps as well. If done properly, the squat imparts a lot on the size of the butt. It shapes your glutes and makes them not just bigger but firmer as well.

Reverse Lunge

Anybody who has worked his or her glutes before must know this exercise. It is also another exercise that does a great job at strengthening your lower body parts. Much more than that is that it aids in balance, flexibility and core strength. However, the effectiveness of this workout is highly dependent on the depth of it. The reverse lunge workout is must have in any women’s butt workout plan, especially for beginners.


Over the years, planks have been associated with working out the abs only. This is not the case any more. These exercises are also effective for giving your core and butt that desired shape. There are a couple of variations to this exercise, but they all have an amazing effect on the butt.


A great butt can partially be dependent on genetics. However, there are exercises that are science-backed and very effective for getting your booty into shape. The right exercise included in your butt workout routine can take you from having a flat butt to large and firm butt.

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