Women’s Health and the Government Measures in Singapore

There is no doubt that Singapore has taken a very short time to become a developed country. One of the beneficiaries of this transformation are women, who have now taken greater roles in the society. According to Immigration to Singapore Service, more women from outside Singapore are seeking permanent residency to join the ever-growing number of citizens who are women. However, the pressure from traditional family roles seems to be a major hindrance for women in the country. This conflict is crucial to keep in mind since the general reproductive health of the women in Singapore is normal.

How Lifestyle in Singapore Has Affected Women’s Health

The government is playing a significant role in encouraging women to take up more roles in the workforce. However, the same women are required to play their part as the family caretakers despite most men agreeing that this role should be shared.

Striking the balance between the two is not simple for the women in the society. Health experts have cautioned that women are more likely to experience physical and emotional fatigue leading to high blood pressure and stress in women. In fact, government data shows a slight decrease in the fertility rate in women since the 80s.

Since pressure is coming from all sides, employer, workmates, partners and the children, it has been noted that women in Singapore have reduced the number of children they want and may delay their marriage. Others opt not to get married altogether for fear of all such pressures.

Common Illnesses Among Women in Singapore

Some of the pressure women go through in this country has led to some chronic illnesses that the government must address. According to government reports, such health issues include the following:

· Infertility – this is caused by exposure to various working conditions in factories, poor eating habits because women are busy working and risks from other diseases like cancer. The total fertility rate declined to 1.2 births per woman from 1.8 in the 80s.

· Cancer – cancer in women is a great threat worldwide, and this country is no exception. A common cancer in women is breast cancer. It can be triggered by many causes. Another threatening cancer is one that affects the ovaries and the reproductive system. As much as the government is trying to do its best in creating awareness, these two cancers still remain a threat to women.

· Stress and Depression – it is more likely to affect the women who are getting pressure from both work and family. Most women are loaded with long working hours, tight deadlines or get harassed in the workplace. On the other hand, they can experience pressure at home, especially if the kids are young and the spouse is not helpful.

The Role of Government in Ensuring Women’s Health in Singapore

Through various initiatives to promote women’s health, the government is doing all it can to support women’s health. Promotions and the assignment of various positions gives women the freedom to make decisions at work and at home. There are numerous empowering programs where women share development ideas and ways through which to stay healthy. Finally, the government has equipped women’s health care facilities and promotes support for women’s health.

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