How to Plan The Perfect Vacation With Disabled Travelers

Planning a trip for your entire family can take time and effort. However, if you are the parent or care giver for a special needs child or disabled family member, then you will appreciate just how much of a challenge that this can be. You know how much preparation is required even if you are just leaving the house to go to the store, while reaching your destination and having a fun day out can be something of a miracle. Planning the perfect vacation with disabled travelers requires a whole new level of readiness.

When it comes to getting ready for any vacation with disabled travellers you need to expect the unexpected. From scheduling in additional stops along the way, to ensuring that you book a destination with ramps, elevators and restrooms that accommodate wheelchairs, you need to make sure that you have all your bases covered. However, using an extra level of planning shouldn’t deter you from planning a vacation that the entire family will enjoy and remember for years to come. There’s no reason why you can’t visit Disney World or the Grand Canyon if you are traveling with disabled children or family members. In fact, you are sure to be welcomed into an entirely new traveling community. There are millions of families across America who are in a similar position and are willing to help you have a truly magical vacation. So if you are trying to plan the perfect getaway, then read on to find out how to plan the perfect, stress-free vacation for everyone.

Decide which type of trip best suits you

Will a snow vacation or a week in the sun best suit you and your travel party? Perhaps your family will love a vacation that is packed full of activities and classes, so that you can all learn a new skill? First, choose which sort of vacation you want to book. Remember, if you are flying you will need to ensure that the airline can provide you with special services at the airport to ensure that your trip gets off to a smooth start. You will also want to check that you won’t incur any extra-unwanted costs if flying with a wheelchair. If you are planning a trip to a destination that is a short drive away, then make sure that your car is suitably prepared too. Keep the kids entertained with music and in-car games to ensure that they are happy and well looked after while you are on the road. Keep in mind that travelling with disabled or special needs children can be stressful for everyone, so try to choose an option that keeps transit times down to a minimum.

Choose wheelchair friendly transport

If you, or a member of your vacation party is a wheelchair user, then you will want to ensure that you arrange suitable transport when you are on your vacation. While previously you might have been stuck with a mini-van, that can be hard to park and maneuver, there are now a whole range of options that are open for you to choose from. Companies such as Advantage Mobility Outfitters used handicap vans have a variety of vehicles on offer, meaning that your vacation will run smoothly. Once you have chosen your transport, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your entire family will be traveling in both safety and comfort.

Choose suitable accommodation

Your accommodation will make or break a family vacation, so be sure that it is suitable for everyone. If you are looking to holiday in a sunny spot, then be sure that wherever you stay has a pool on site, preferably with ramp access, so that your entire vacation group can enjoy taking a dip. If you are travelling with kids with special needs, renting your own apartment or house is preferable over a hotel, as you can have full control over your environment. Other guests might not be so understanding or tolerant. Make sure that your accommodation is a short drive or walk from a whole host of activities to keep your entire family engaged while you are out of the house. If you do decide to book a hotel, then ring ahead. Remember that hotel staff should be willing to bend over backwards to make your stay as magical as possible. From offering nut free or allergy-friendly meal options, to kids’ clubs that welcome children with learning difficulties, make sure that you plan ahead and ensure that your entire holiday group can have a great time.

Try not to worry

Families with special needs travelers often spend an unnecessary amount of time worrying about how they will be perceived while out and about. If a member of your family has a disability, then you must deal with different challenges every single day. Yet, while you are on the road you may be pleasantly surprised, people are sure to be accommodating and willing to help, rather than judgmental. Outsiders will understand that you are all on vacation to have a good time, and you may even connect and make new friends. So, if you are worrying, then don’t. Be sure to travel with an open mind and let events occur naturally. If you travel with a negative attitude, then this will impact your entire travel party. So, get ready to relax and unwind.

Planning the perfect vacation with disabled or special needs travelers can be daunting. You need to approach the entire trip with military precision, if you want to ensure that everything runs smoothly and as you would like. However, it’s important to prepare for unexpected hiccups too. Make sure to book accommodation and arrange activities that the entire family will enjoy and ring ahead if you have any queries. You will also want to ensure that your transport is suitable for wheelchair users too. Once you’ve planned your vacation, now’s the time to stop worrying and enjoy yourself. You spend the entire year on tenterhooks, so make sure that you take time to slow down and let your hair down. It’s your vacation time too.

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