Why You Need Moderation in Your Life

Living in excess is detrimental to anyone’s health. Our daily habits affect our lives in ways that affect us later on. You don’t want your poor habits to ruin your skin, cause premature aging, and to cause your body to fail on you. You want to live as long a life as you can. To live the best life you can, you need to start cutting back on many common everyday habits.

Moderation is key, and here are the top habits to cut back on:

1. Drink Less

Drinking is hard on your heart, your skin, and your social life. Cut back on drinking – especially binge drinking. Instead of partying hard, enjoy a single glass of wine at dinner. You don’t have to stop drinking, but enjoy it as a social pleasure rather than a means to get wasted. Your body and your future self will thank you.

2. Smoke Less

Quitting smoking is hard, which is why the first goal for any smoker should be to reduce their intake.

Vaping is a great way to reduce your intake, and has helped many people even quit altogether. The cost is about the same, as there are cheap e juice options on the market.

3. Consume Less Sugars

Sugar is bad! It rots your teeth, it causes breakouts, and it hurts your overall health. You crave sugar just as you can crave a cigarette, which can make moderating your intake difficult. Opt for natural sweeteners instead to get your started on your sugar-free reduced (or free) life. A popular option is to use honey instead.

4. Consume Less Caffeine

Caffeine is so important for work. So many people rely on it to wake them up in the morning and get them going, but caffeine can be bad for your health too. Not only can it cause anxiety and panic attacks in some people, it can also negatively impact your sleep cycle. Poor sleep and an erratic heartrate don’t go together!

5. Consume Less Dairy

Dairy causes upset stomachs in many people and acne in others. If you want clear, beautiful skin, try reducing your dairy intake. You can keep cheese in your life, for instance, but opt for water as your go-to morning drink instead of a glass of milk. That being said, this is one item on this list that has many benefits for your bones! Try reducing your dairy intake and see how your skin fairs – if it is the same, you can return to your regular dairy intake.

Moderation is key to life.

You don’t have to, nor should you, feel compelled to adhere to a strict regimen. You are an individual who can make their own choices. You don’t have to quit something you love doing, but for the sake of your long-term health, you should reduce your

intake. Make your vices a treat instead of a habit, and you will notice improvements in your skin, in your mental health, and in the way you feel.

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