How to Take Control of your next Home Renovation

Renovating a home can be a daunting task, especially if you’re new to the field of home improvement. If you’re so new to home improvement that you still need to buy all your tools and equipment then this can be expensive. Take a look on to save yourself some money. If you’re new, you still have a lot to learn. However, you don’t need to be an expert to manage a renovation. Don’t sign control over to a building manager or foreman – it’s your home and should reflect your ambition and creativity. When it’s time to get stuck in with your home renovation, here’s how you can take charge and make sure the whole project goes smoothly. 1. Plan Before you start ringing around for quotes and references, sit down and make a detailed plan of exactly what you want to do and when you want it done. Consider features that are most attractive to potential buyers, such as large bedrooms and a modern kitchen and bathroom. The most high-quality and sought-after tradesmen can be booked out months in advance, so you have to have a clear idea of exactly the services you need so you can sort out hiring a professional as soon as possible. 2. Consult a real estate expert If you’re renovating your home with the end goal of selling it, then have a chat with a local real estate agent and go over your building plans. He or she will have a strong knowledge of home values in the area and can tell you if your plans are too ambitious and will out-price your home for the neighbourhood, or if your home isn’t living up to its potential. Take advantage of this professional advice, and alter your plans as needed. 3. Get the best tradesmen in Getting the right professionals in for the work is one of the most important aspects of home renovation. Think of all the tradesmen you’ll need, and it starts to get overwhelming! It’s extremely important to get quality workers such as this professional Residential Window Tinting service for example, in so your renovation goes smoothly and stays on schedule, so make sure you’re firm when it comes to selecting your trade staff. You can find local tradesmen through online services such as Plentific, which provide a database of professionals in your area who are certified and licensed. 4. Sort out your paperwork first thing Before your workers start any work, make sure you’ve agreed to a quote and have it down in writing. Ask for an itemized contract that outlines each individual job within the project with a completion date and expected price. If a tradesman doesn’t want to provide these details up front, then you should definitely take your business elsewhere. A good tradesman doesn’t need to ‘see how the job goes’ or ‘get a feel for the house’ to provide an accurate quote for the job at hand. 5. Stay flexible Despite the best planning, you can’t control everything. Whether it’s weather, illness, an accident or a hold-up with a supplier, chances are you and your tradesmen will miss some deadlines. There’s a good chance you’ll run over your budget, and experts recommend adding an extra 20 percent to cover contingency costs. Remember the end goal and take these setbacks as they come. Keep up a dialogue with your tradesmen and ask them to be honest with you about the progress and scale of work so if an incident does occur, you won’t be caught off-guard. Thanks to Carol Trehearn

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