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Team Celebration is elated to announce that Salma Zahid, MP will be celebrating World Peace Day 2017 with us on September 17 in Scarborough at Gourmet Malaysia Banquet Hall, as one of our esteemed Keynote Speakers!
Salma has deep roots in the Liberal Party and has dedicated countless hours to working on campaigns at both the provincial and federal levels. Salma has received the prestigious Diamond Jubilee Medal. She earned the Diamond Jubilee Medal for Meritorious Community Service for her contributions to Canada.

She currently works in the office of Minister of Citizenship and Immigration for Ontario.

Salma Zahid, MP has always been a passionate and engaged member of the community.

She has a strong background in governance and public policy, working as a senior advisor to the Government of Ontario in a number of portfolios from Health and Long Term Care, Infrastructure, Citizenship and Immigration, and Tourism, Culture and Sports.

As a community organizer in Regent Park, Salma dedicated much time to support women, their families and youth. She served as Chair of the Regent Park Duke of York Public School Parent Council, and was instrumental in the development of the Youth Reading Club and Skating Program.

Salma has also been an active volunteer in Scarborough, participating in the City’s Community Clean-up days, conducting sessions for seniors through the Ontario Seniors Secretariat, organizing youth career fairs, and facilitating a town hall on youth issues that brought together young people from across Scarborough.

She holds a Masters in Educational Management and Administration from the University of London’s Institute of Education, and an MBA from Quaid e Azam University in Pakistan.

Salma was elected Member of Parliament for Scarborough Centre on October 19, 2015, and is a member of the Standing Committee on Citizenship & Immigration and the Joint Standing Committee on the Scrutiny of Regulations.

MASTER of CEREMONIES: Claudine Pereira

My name is Claudine Pereira, or you may know me as ‘The Pink Coach‘. After making the move to Canada from England, I spent 20 years in the Corporate world as a Leader, Coach and mentor leading and coaching large teams nationally. I have always had a passion for people and genuinely care about their progression and well being.

After a glorious career, I decided to branch out on my own and become an entrepreneur. Being able to coach and teach is a dream come true! People say I am passionate and have a love for what I do and most importantly for people. I have boundless fire, energy and compassion. I am an early riser and participate in an intense Crossfit workout daily at 6am. I am a dancer and compete in American Rhythm, that is my passion! My diet of choice has been Paleo for the past 5 years which completely turned my life and health around. I am an achievement coach, you will see results when you work with me. Whether its during a personalized one on one session, workshop or team building activity, we work on changing behaviour so that you can achieve your personal and professional goals.

I promote self discovery and instill lasting confidence.


SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER: Pilar Viviente (flying in all the way from SPAIN)

A huge shout out to our very Special Guest, flying all the way from Spain, Maria Pilar Viviente Solé – 1958 Spanish | Mixed Media & Interdisciplinary Artist. Painter, Visual Artist, Pianist-Composer, Writer.

She is a multidisciplinary artist belonging to the “reflective generation” that came to prominence in Spain towards the end of the 80s and beginning of the 90s. Awarded with the Award for the Best National Degree (1987) and the FPI Dissertation Research Fellowship (1988-1992), she has received numerous awards and grants. Doctor from the University of Barcelona (1993) and InSEA member (UNESCO), she is lecturer and doctoral advisor at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Altea Campus, University Miguel Hernandez – UMH, Elche, Spain, since 1998, where she has taught Drawing and Photography and has directed doctoral theses. She has been Director of the Drawing Area (7 years) and International Relation Office (2 years).

She has published hundreds of articles and essays both national and international: daily newspapers as Grupo Noticias; magazines as Arte Omega, La Brecha, Km 0, El Temps d’Art, Socialist Factor; academic journals as Arte, Individuo y Sociedad, Reencuentro: Análisis de problemas universitarios, Visual Culture & Gender, UMH Sapiens; exbibition catalogs and proceedings books, among others. Also she has curated several artshows.

From 1985 till now she has put on over a hundred national and international exhibitions in galleries and museums, taking part in Biennales and Fairs. Her work is represented in important Museums as MACBA and Private and Public Collections all over the world, and is currently on sale at the following ART GALLERIES: MAEGHT, Paris. JORGE ALCOLEA, Madrid. THE KLAUS KRAMER LTD. CONTEMPORARY ART. Contempera, Schiphol-Rijk Amsterdam. ART ETERNE, New Delhi. CORTABITARTE, Soria. SOUTHFIELDS GALLERY, London.

MACBA Museo d’Art Contemporani, Barcelona. Hotel Arts Barcelona. IEC Institut d’Estudis Catalans, Barcelona. The Progressive Corporation Collection, New York. Fundation Satsuma, Paris. Fundación Fernando el Católico, Zaragoza. MGEC Museo del Grabado Español Contemporáneo, Marbella. CAI, Zaragoza. Ministerio de Cultura, Madrid. Venusberg Museum, Frankfurt. Universidad de Barcelona. Universidad de Zaragoza. Universidad Miguel Hernández, Elche.

At the moment she is the Spanish Contributor Editor of Socialist Factor, an international monthly English magazine. Also she is Agent of Peace, WOMAN of ACTION and VOW Ambassador.


Messengers of Peace: Speaker Roster


A huge Shout Out to this Speaker, sharing on her Message of Peace: Ameera Ameerullah

On a personal front, Ameera Ameerullah is a philanthropist, social worker, strong advocate for human rights, and is committed to creating a better future for the vulnerable. She is the Founder of the DavidAnn Foundation for HIV Aids & Cancer, Restore Humanity and The Homeless & Orphan Foundation of Canada. Ameera is a proud supporter and volunteer member when required of Casey House in Toronto, North York Women’s Shelter, Covenant House, Providence Healthcare, Sick Kids Hospital, Children’s Aid Society, Red Cross, International Development and Relief Foundation, and Centre of Addictions and Mental Health. Ameera believes in the empowerment of children, women and the elderly, volunteering her time to work with youths in the criminal justice system, survivors of sexual and physical abuse as well as individual suffering from addictions and mental illness. She received the recognition for her ongoing volunteered contribution as Community Leader, Human Rights Advocate -Government of Canada.

Ms. Ameera Ameerullah has been in the mortgage industry since 2001. She is the Founder of Canada Mortgage & Financial Group (Mortgage Brokering) and CMFG Mortgage Investments Inc., a private lending mortgage administration firm. As an accredited professional of the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, Better Business Bureau and Independent Mortgage Brokers Association, Ameera specializes in property investments, asset management, real estate development, acquisitions and finance restructure. She is a property developer and entertain Joint venture opportunities on profitable real estate projects. Ameera has funded successful projects in residential and commercial real estate, hotels, mines and power plants in 3 different continents. Her successes include significant commercial and private projects in Canada, the USA, Costa Rica, Barbados and Africa. Her expertise in acquisition, investment analysis, development and construction finance has given her an iconic mark as CMP Top Commercial Broker in Canada as published in Mortgage Brokers news 2016. Ameera focuses on raising capital, investment management while heading the brokering side. She manages a registered investment portfolio with Community Trust Company and a private trust fund held with Scotiabank. Among other accolades, she has made her mark as Best Alternative Lending Broker of the year, Top Independent Broker and most importantly, she’s been honored with the title as Women of Influence in the Canadian mortgage industry.

A huge shout out to Darcy Herring, as one of our fabulous Messengers of Peace!

As a mom of a child with anxiety, I have spent the last 4 years trying to win the battle and create a more calm world for my son. What started as a losing battle soon shifted in my favour when I started incorporating my Master training and Certifications in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and Hypnosis to ease the fear and curb the anxiety. By working with the mind and the incredible ability for choice, I now hold the upper hand when anxiety rears it’s ugly head.

My work with clients involves teaching them tools and techniques, giving them back control over their lives, and allowing them to win their battle with fears and anxiety. It’s all about strategies – those that serve us and those that don’t.

As a Strategy Coach I have an awesome ability to identify a person’s strategy and make the necessary changes, creating forward movement in the direction of your dreams.

Bringing CALM to the storm, goals WITHIN reach and FOCUS for performance.

Darcy Herring NLP TLT CHt
Certified NLP Coach
[email protected]


A huge Shout Out to this Speaker, sharing on her Message of Peace: Rubiena Duarte

Rubiena Duarte has over 15 years’ experience in the corporate sector working for IT Multinationals as a senior leader driving employee engagement, leading Diversity & Inclusion, empowering women and heading up community upliftment efforts. Some of her most rewarding work has been working with women in rural villages in Africa who were survivors of domestic violence.

In her roles within the corporate sector she has also lead efforts on helping women entrepreneurs emerge within South Africa. She is a writer with her first book on Realizing You Are A Superwoman coming out later this year. Her blog focuses on everyday life experiences of women and the importance of maintaining balance.

Rubiena has been a public speaker for over 16 years on several topics related to women’s empowerment, gender in the workplace, work/life balance and has facilitated Personal Renewal Groups for women across Texas and New York.

Title: “Finding harmony from your Inner Energy”

This topic will enlighten you on the importance of balancing and clearing your inner energies to create a more harmonious and balanced life. Once our inner energy is truly balanced we are able to reconnect on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels and will lead a life filled with peace and light.

Rubiena is a qualified and internationally registered Lightarian ReikiTM Master with the Lightarian Institute, a Karuna Reiki® Master registered with The International Center for Reiki Training, an Independent Usui Reiki Master, Reiki practitioner and Reiki teacher. She has been practicing and teaching Reiki for over 8 years in South Africa, New York, Texas and recently opened her own Reiki practice in Toronto. Reiki by Rubiena offers energy healing, energy balancing, chakra clearing, aura cleansing and crystal healing.

The goal she has as a Reiki Practitioner and Teacher is to help women start or continue the journey they are on to create more balance in their life, to find their focus and strengthen their inner energy. She will work together on your past, present and future enabling you to take control of your life and heal from the inside out.

Rubiena also has a post graduate degree in International Relations and is a member of the Canadian Reiki Association and International Association of Reiki Professionals.

Contact Information
Rubiena Duarte
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 416-317-4448
Address: 124 Merton Street, Unit 208, Toronto

A huge Shout Out to this Speaker, sharing on her Message of Peace: “Healthy Heart Merry Mind”, Amy Rempel.

When Amy’s children were little she was diagnosed with osteoarthritis due to a genetic disorder, she was able to get through it with acupuncture and the help of her amazing Naturopath and realized the incredible benefits of natural solutions to pain. Amy thought that also starting her own business would help her bring in an income only working part time. Unfortunately it did not work out that way for her with that particular company. In fact it stressed her out and her health declined.

Since January 2017, when she founded Healthy Heart Merry Mind, she has helped many women make significant changes to their experiences of self-care and family care and has found a business that works with her lifestyle! Today, Amy’s focus is to help women understand and establish a healthy lifestyle so they feel confident in their pain and stress management. She has also partnered with Inspired Haus as a business coach for an incredible program called 90-Days of Change. In the program Amy teaches what she has learned as a lifelong entrepreneur about the mindset and accountability factors that support women’s success in business.

As a foundation she believes that we as women need to be kinder to ourselves and incorporate significant self care into our businesses. She will be speaking about this and you can learn more in her upcoming co-authored book called “I’m 30, Now What?”. Stay tuned for her presentation on 5 practical habits to easily establish in a busy life!

You can reach Amy at [email protected], go to her website and follow her on social media FB: @healthyheartmerrymind and on Instagram: @healthyheartmerrymind

A Huge Shout Out to Speaker Carmela Lamanna, sharing on her Message of Peace: “Raising the Spirit”.



Cathy Bell has been working with Healing Energy Medicine in her own Practise, Transformation Facilitation, and Reflexology for over 22 years with over 8 Certifications. Her passion, energy, humour, unique viewpoint, and peaceful nature will have you feeling very secure in her presence. More than believing Cathy feels there is a deeper place of knowing in each of us, and she has the ability to take you to this place.

A journey into remembering who you truly are is Cathy’s gift of healing service. She teaches us that everything we are looking for is right inside of us, peace truly begins within, and with simple tools we can learn to access our own personal power. From this place we realize the inter-connectedness of all life, which takes you to Cathy’s next passion, a message of Oneness.

Her humble simple song called We Are One, celebrates the paradigm shift of separation to coming together in unity. You will continue to find Cathy walking out her message in everything she does, from healing work in her practice, to her group work in self-empowerment, her music, her own journey of self-reflection/inquiry, and her committed journey of being a student of life. Contact information [email protected], and, We Are One Song with Video’s at Cathy’s Corner on You Tube.

Cathy will be taking us on a journey into Energy and how you are connecting or not connecting with your own Light Force. She will have a very fun conduit, her Drum, and will be talking through the drum to awaken the spirit within. Cathy uses the drum as a powerful tool of healing to wake up the spirit, which at times is dancing with a tangled mind. In a very short journey during her talk, you will have an experiential moment diving deeper into the infinite you. Come join Cathy and experience a taste of your High Vibe self, or at least a beginning invitation into a new perspective or viewpoint. You will be glad you did!

Contact number – 416-737-1795

Team Celebration is elated to announce our esteemed Speaker, Linda Lonseth joining us to celebrate World Peace Day 2017 on Sept. 17.

Linda Lonseth, M.Mus, B.Ed
Transformational Intuitive Lightwork Master


She uses the following energy therapies in her work… Read More Here.

Linda has her own unique bodywork abilities – playing with spaces (which contain all the energies). It’s kind of difficult to describe (but do ask for a demonstration!) This is superfast and superpowerful! She also works with light from a different realm in bodywork sessions – somewhat distinct from playing with spaces, also difficult to describe, but much better experienced and enjoyed!

Most of the bodywork she does with spaces is non-contact, and is sometimes done in conjunction with Access Body Processes and Access Bars, in private sessions. She will share whatever spaces and energies your body ‘asks for‘.

She loves to show people how to play with spaces, spin spaces, and work with powerful light columns. She gives workshops (both in-person and online) to share this with anyone who is interested. This is indeed the cutting edge of transformational work – both self-administered, and for therapeutic purposes. For starters, attend lightwork project sessions and learn how to work with light.
Claudia Mariano is a Nurse Practitioner, author, educator, and entrepreneur.

She combines her passion for science, medicine, education, and freedom by managing a full time clinical practice, teaching nursing students, sharing her premium skin care products and business opportunities, and teaching women how to live their lives with purpose.

Benevolence for self and others, through passion and purpose.

This is the cornerstone of her endeavours and will be the focus of her presentation.

Zoe Petrak is a strategic results and achievement mentor, strategic intervention coach certified by Robbins (Tony Robbins) Madanes Training and an international best-selling author.

Zoe is an expert on human mind and potential, she is a master when it comes to the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment. A former teacher with a diploma in Law and a degree in Global Politics, who has been studying laws and psychology of success, as well as self and business mastery for more than 11 years from the best mentors of the world.

Zoe works with organization and individuals who are driven by compelling vision, purpose and mission and helps them bring their goals to reality. She specializes in helping entrepreneurs, business owners and wannabe business owners break through limitations, get to the next level and thrive in business and life.

Zoe has educated and empowered hundreds of people. She would love to help you make your goals, vision and dreams a reality.

For more info about our October 1, 2017 Results and Business Boosting Retreat: Awaken the Truth Within visit HERE.

For Complimentary Strategic Result & Achievement Session visit HERE.



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