Going It Alone – The Benefits of Being a Female Solo Traveler

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Perhaps you’re bored in your job and want to break out with some travel, but don’t have a travel buddy. There’s nothing to stop you trotting the globe by yourself. In fact, you’ve everything to gain from doing so. Solo travel is enriching and empowering. Here are a few of the benefits of travelling solo and some of the places you should try it.

Learn about yourself

Traveling alone is your avenue to find out who you truly are. You’re on your own, and that will allow you to hear your own inner voice instead of just hearing the voices of others drowning it out with orders, suggestions, complaints, comments etc. as to what you should do with your life. You can finally focus on you and the balance you may be seeking in life, and you’ll learn what you can achieve and what scare you – and set about putting things right.

Building confidence

Since you only have yourself for company on your journey, it’s also up to you to solve any problems that come your way on your journey, unfortunately. True, that’s challenging, but it builds a tremendous amount of confidence, too, especially when you rise to the challenge. You’re the one making the decisions and managing your time. Ultimately, you’ll emerge from the journey stronger, bolder and more confident. It’s empowering.

Avoid travel drama and compromises

While we’re on the subject of the voices of others… how many times have you had a huge bust-up with a travel companion about turning left instead of right, choosing one activity over the other, or something equally minor? You’ve then spent the rest of the holiday stewing over it and not speaking to each other, or have met somewhere in the middle. That’s not the case on a solo journey. It’s all about you, and there’s not a hint of drama in sight.

Image by TrekkingRinjani, used under CC license 2.0

A couple of solo travel suggestions

Every country offers a new experience, of course, but there are some places in the world that lend them exceptionally well to solo travel. Here are a couple of them:


Some people think of Portugal as a place to go for cheap holidays, and it’s true that this Mediterranean country happily caters for people if you’re looking to travel somewhere a little cheaper. However, this country lends itself well to solo travel as well. It’s warm and welcoming, and cities like Lisbon offer a little taste of the Portugal of old, with its trams, and culinary delights like the pastel de nata.

Then there are the elegant Madeira islands to explore, including the capital of Madeira Island, Funchal. The city’s botanical garden is one of its main attractions and a place to appreciate floral beauty. Alternatively, you can admire the views of Funchal from on high in the cable car, which stops at the botanical garden, incidentally.


Croatia rewards you with that blend of quaint towns and historical sites plus locations that boast pure relaxation. The jewel in Croatia’s crown is, of course, Dubrovnik, nicknamed ‘the Pearl of the Adriatic’, and rightly so with its ancient walled city, cobbled streets and café culture. Then you have towns like Poreč, on the Istrian Coast, with its harbor and the luxury resorts that sit south of the town. It’s a combination that invites you to explore and find yourself.

Solo travel is empowering: there’s no denying that. It’s an opportunity for women travelling solo to prove we’re up to its challenges and have a little fun along the way.

Let’s make the most of that opportunity!

Liza Barton

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