Empowering Women to Succeed: Sept 22

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randi sept22Empowering Women to Succeed was given birth at one of our Business Wealth Summits as an anthology book and soon became a #1 International Best Seller, the first of it’s series. The second volume was launched the year after and also became a #1 International Best Seller. We are now onto the third volume but from the birth of this series came the commencement of an incredible event, that began in September of 2014 and is an annual event that pulls together the most incredible thought leaders from all over the world to engage and experience with us, all the tools and resources that will lift you up, take you to the next level and connect you to the most unbelievable like-minded group of networkers who have you at heart, first.

The Empowering Women to Succeed Summit is full of life, energy and an incredible power that raises your own vibes and gets you off your chair and into action!



We look forward to seeing you on September 22nd!

A full day of learning and networking with awesome peeps, shmooz with the vendors and book a free 30 minute coaches corner session and get some great advise for you and your business!

Special Guest Elliot Hiller from Malta will be gracing us with his presence and sharing with us all of his knowledge and expertise that will surely help you triple your income this year!

More special guests; Byron Nelson from California, always motivating and mesmerizing us with his vast knowledge and uplifting talents. If you have not met him yet, you want to be at this event!

Our own Odette Peek Laurie will be speaking as well and is always a pleasure to learn from! She will definitely keep you on your toes!

More guests to be announced!



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