TSR Canada, Division of The Staff Room!

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TSR Canada logoTSR Canada helps companies and individuals alike. We offer a wide range of services from HR services including recruitment to career coaching those looking for a new or to boost their current career, as well as some great courses to help everyone in all stages of their life and careers.

We are TSR Canada and we are a division of The Staff Room!

We just celebrated our new Durham location April 28th and in spriit of it we are offering everyone and all companies of all sizes a FREE 30 minute consultation.

Our team will listen to what your hopes and dreams are and then let you now how we can and will help YOU!

Why us?

As businesses grow, its human capital management needs become more complex, making it increasingly important to simplify and streamline human resources management processes. Juggling and trying to keep operations running smoothly is a complex and time-consuming procedure. Corporate human resources needs grow more complicated with each new employee hired. We help companies of all sizes foster happy, healthy work environments.

“TSR Canada” can provide you with a complete customized services suite designed to meet your unique requirements – that is reliable, secure, and flexible enough to grow with your business. In addition it helps lower costs, save time, streamline processes, and:

§ Provide enhanced flexibility, analytics to your human resources management.

§ Delivering a single, unified solution that includes recruiting, benefits management, analytic, and ensuring your business is compliant with changing legislation.


Our human capital management solutions can be configured to meet your specific corporate needs – nationally or internationally.

Our large business and enterprise clients enjoy the benefits of:

§ Fully configurable human resource management systems and services that deliver as promised and respond to business changing needs

§ Qualified, ongoing support with industry-leading customer service that meets clients’ high standards

§ Reliability, generating valuable business intelligence which can be used to make the best informed decisions.

We’ll work with you to find the right solution and configure it to meet all your human resources and business needs. Successfully balancing business priorities is integral to a productive workforce. You need a trusted partner who understands the growing complexity of your business, keeps your enterprise running smoothly and enables you to accomplish more with existing resources. It’s “TSR Canada”.

Vision Statement

To be a community of passionate professionals inspiring and facilitating the realization of excellence in people and organizations.

We will become the recognized leader in high quality integrated talent management solutions.

Mission Statement

We are the catalyst for sustainable talent development excellence.

Our Values

Our Services – What we do?

Lisa speakingWe believe in a caring, customer-driven approach with our entire team communicating in an atmosphere of respect and compassion.

Our Human Resources consultants combine extensive knowledge in career management with prior, hands-on business experience enabling them to provide services aligned to the realities of the marketplace.

More than 95% of the HR decisions you make have legal implications.

Get the right counsel you need to make informed decisions for yourself, your employees, and your business with “TSR Canada”.

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