7 Reasons Why Being a Strong Woman Is Great for Your Relationship

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It can be quite common in a relationship for women to lose themselves a little in a relationship as the man tends to dominate and become the alpha. There is no need for anyone to be the alpha in a relationship though. It is important that both people in the relationship have equal power.

With both man and woman being equal in a relationship, no one will feel under pressure more than the other and no one will feel like they’re getting left behind. It is important that couples enjoy their time together as well as enjoy some alone time. There are so many reasons why it is important for women to stay strong and independent in a relationship. Seven of these reasons have been listed in this blog post.

1. It Is Important To Remain Independent

It is natural for men to want to care for their women however they don’t expect to look after them so much so that they feel under pressure or that it takes the romance away from the relationship. It can feel good to be looked after but it is never a good idea to take advantage of it in a relationship. Although some men are intimidated by it, it is important for a woman to keep independence so that he doesn’t feel that he is needed and not wanted.

When men have to pay for everything then they will wonder whether their girlfriend or wife is with them for their home, car or money. To avoid any arguments or tension happening it is best to share the load by keeping your independence.

2. Being Able to Contribute More

When women feel complete they are able to contribute more to their relationship. Nothing ever good comes from depending on someone else to be happy. Having to depend on their man for happiness will only add pressure to the relationship. The only way someone can contribute happiness to the relationship is if they’re happy themselves. To improve the relationship, it is important to be strong and happy within yourself so work on it. This can be done by taking up new hobbies and focusing on you. This may sound selfish to focus on yourself rather than the relationship but focusing on yourself will actually lead to a healthier relationship.

3. Being More Interesting

While we’re on the subject of taking up new hobbies, it can help keep people interesting as well as keeping the relationship interesting. If in the relationship both him and her are sitting around all day every day, it can be hard to talk about new things and initiate interesting conversations. When taking up new hobbies together as well as apart, it will be a lot easier to talk about other things than what is on the TV or what is for dinner. To stay a strong woman in the relationship, take up new hobbies on your own as well as together.

4. More Likely To Be Successful

A strong woman won’t be dependent on their man nor will they constantly worry about pleasing him and making him happy. Because she isn’t always fretting about him, she is able to focus on herself and her career. She doesn’t get all the glory though as he won’t be tied down by neediness which means he can focus on his career too. They are both able to focus their attention on their careers as well as their relationships which means they will be more likely to be more successful in both.

5. Less Blame And Arguments

When a woman is able to be independent and strong, they are able to focus on improving their life and fixing problems themselves rather than blame others and stay angry and upset. Women who depend on others, and in particular their man, won’t know how to deal with their problems and struggle to make themselves happy. They will depend on their man to cheer them up or to fix their problems which can add unfair pressure on him. It can also lead to her shifting blame onto him instead on taking responsibility because that would mean she would have to deal with it herself. This is certainly going to cause tension in the relationship which will cause arguments and possible breakup.

6. More Emotionally Secure

Why-Men-Pull-AwayA strong woman will be emotionally secure which means she will not fret over what her man is doing, where he is, who he is with and who he is texting.

Women who aren’t strong might not be as emotionally secure which means they are more likely to cause friction in the relationship because they want to know their mans every move. This isn’t a sign of a healthy relationship and will push him away and become distant.

Not being emotionally secure can mean she gets easily jealous and suffer with anxiety. The relationship will survive and be healthy and happy when both people are emotionally secure.

7. No Unnecessary Pressure Is Added

Women who are strong and independent don’t feel the need to rush into things such as marriage, kids and moving in together. This is because they are independent and enjoy to have alone time as well as spend time with their partner. Because of this, they tend not to rush things in the relationship and just naturally let it happen. Women who are needy and dependant will want to spend all their time with their man and will therefore rush to move in with them. This might put pressure on the relationship that isn’t necessary and could actually push him away and become distant.


All in all, those women who are strong and independent will be more likely to have successful relationships than other woman who can be needy and too dependent. We can all change and improve ourselves which is why even if they aren’t strong and independent now doesn’t mean they can be. They can work on building their confidence and self-esteem to eventually become the strong and independent woman that men will be attracted to and love.

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