L’shanah tovah! to the HEY Year of 5775

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HEY 5775 (2)

The words “Rosh Hashanah” translate into “head of the year.”

For 2015 the Jewish calendar shows the year 5775 as HEY (a window, looking, hands lifted, beholding something great, reveal.)

Two Thousand and Fifteen will be a year of seeing: a year of watching and tremendous revelation. We will need to stand strong in our identity in Christ as we speak to the mountains that are revealed. As we take authority in Christ we are going to see huge advancements in the Kingdom of God, but not without a battle.

We’re also going to hear sounds of Jubilee like we’ve never heard before. We’re going to hear sounds of victory and new music coming to the earth. New worship teams and worship leaders will emerge and lead us into the presence of the Lord like never before. We’re entering a season of harvest and reward following hard work – a year of Jubilee. L’shanah tovah! Adele Bennett and all those celebrating a new year.

How is Rosh Hashanah celebrated?

Rosh Hashanah is usually commemorated by dinner with family, reflection, prayer and service at a synagogue.

Customs associated with Rosh Hashanah include the blowing of the shofar, a horn made from a ram’s horn, and eating sweet foods, particularly apples dipped in honey, in the hope of ushering in a sweet year. Challah, a circular bread, is also frequently eaten, as it symbolizes the circle of life.

Another practice commonly associated with Rosh Hashanah is the atonement ritual of tashlikh, where Jews go to a nearby body of water and toss in pieces of bread. The ritual symbolizes the casting off of sins.

How do I say “Happy New Year” in Hebrew?

L’shanah tovah, or “to a good year,” is the traditional Rosh Hashanah greeting.

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