3 Keys for Spiritually Empowered Women

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Acceptance, Action and Awareness
are the 3 Keys for the Spiritually Empowered Woman.

3keysAcceptance of self in the ‘as is’ condition can lead to the awareness of desire for change. It is what is it is; but, it doesn’t have to stay this way!

Action is the physical effort of thought and perception that leads to manifestation of change. If my thinking expands to a wider horizon, anything is possible!

Awareness is a state of cognitive living that involves the ability to be open, willing, forgiving. I love myself and expand my consciousness, leaving endless possibilities for me!

In a world where women have been seen traditionally as someone’s wife, mother, daughter, or sister, why would a woman choose to follow a spiritual path?

Perhaps because, deep inside every woman has a longing to “be” someone in her own right—fully aware of herself, confident and in control. When we talk of spiritual power, we are in fact referring to the original power of the self to be whole and independent—free from the web of domination and suppression, free from the need to exist for someone else’s sake.

For the last two thousand years or more, women have not fully utilized their spiritual power. Instead, aspects of the “feminine” have taken mainly symbolic forms from the Virgin Mary to the vestal virgins, from Earth Goddesses to the Shakti Devis. On the one hand, women have been put on pedestals and worshipped on account of their purity or femininity. At the same time, they have been excluded from religious practices and barred, even until now, from entering some places of worship.

motherhood and spiritualityElevated or chastised, exonerated or condemned, the main problem facing women is that they have never been treated as equal to men—either as spiritual leaders or spiritual seekers. This lack of equality finds its roots not only in sociological and cultural systems, but more particularly within levels of consciousness upon which spirituality and attitudes are ultimately based.

Being spiritually connected is the key to all happiness and abundance. When we are connected to Spirit, we listen and we trust. When we are connected to Spirit, we know our value.

When we are connected to Spirit, magic happens and prosperity flows.

Women are leading the future and spiritual women are ahead. They are “tapped in” and using their innate gifts to serve the world. These women are not concerned with getting ahead at the detriment of others. They can’t do jobs “just for the money.” They can’t take unconscious advantage of the Earth’s natural resources and her inhabitants.


Create daily rituals that reinforce and ignite your spirit.

There are many practices which can be developed into habits that will ignite your Higher Self, kicking into action an innate sense of knowing and ability to feel others mindset; all that benefit your heart condition opening up positive result horizons not seen before. Through daily breathing, meditation, exercise and focus, a new way of experiencing life can be achieved. Get to know your own thoughts and beliefs, those private ones that are separate from all your associations, family, friends.

Challenge your fearful and limiting beliefs

Use daily affirmations to transform old behaviours and create new positive and love-based beliefs, releasing all old negative thought patterns, especially those that have grown into habits. Be willing and open to ask for guidance from your angels, spirit guides or whatever silent thought prayer you use, all leading to your connecting to your own Higher Self. The “I AM …” statement in affirmation is personal and most effective. For example: ‘I AM Living in Abundance’ or ‘I AM Powerful’ or ‘I AM Successful’ or ‘I AM Healthy’, and so and so on.

Create community

Align yourself with like-minded souls who nurture, inspire, encourage, support, and keep you accountable. Hire a mentor or coach. Join a women’s circle or mastermind group. Attend community events at your yoga studio. Uplift and empower other women as the joy experienced through the practice of contributing to the success of another leads to a sense of fulfilment that no outside source can offer.

Spiritually Empowered Women
see other ‘Women’s Success and Beauty
as proof of their own possibility.

Be bold. Take risks

Step out of your comfort zone. Don’t wait to be praised, discovered, or validated. If you want to create your dream life, you’ll need to have the courage to do things differently than 99% of the world. Don’t worry about what other people think. Clear your path by walking it courageously in the direction of your dreams.

Spiritually Empowered Women are living fully in the present moment.

sewThey have learned to love themselves without judgement. They surrender their desires and thoughts to their Higher Self, releasing all fear with the love essence that is always within. They share, serve, and smile and the Universe rewards them for it.

Spiritual power is an expression of the inherent qualities of the spirit and has nothing to do with gender or physical limitations. Feelings of domination or suppression occur when there is the awareness of superiority or inferiority. Feelings of equality, however, manifest when there is the consciousness of spirit or soul. These feelings and attitudes can be expressed in actions with positive results.

“The Equality of Women Among Women”
is critical to achieving spiritual leadership by Women. Being that women consist 50% of this planet, female unity will create positive sustainable change.


Women are still a long way from enjoying positions of spiritual leadership, and society still doesn’t fully concur with the notion that women make good spiritual leaders. Yet, society won’t necessarily change until someone, whether an individual or a group of individuals, breaks the tradition and sets a new role model.

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