10 Tips to help you thrive ‘post’ Lunar Eclipse

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All the talk of biblical prophecy aside, in many cultures the belief exists that full moons and lunar eclipses have some kind of impact of human feelings and behaviour. For example, in ancient cultures, it was strongly believed that the lunar cycle impacted women’s hormones and fertility.

Given that full moons do impact the tides, and the human body is at least 70% water, maybe it makes sense that lunar eclipses could have some impact on women’s menstrual cycles or on the body’s circadian rhythm. FREE BIRTH CHARTS HERE

In the astrological world, lunar eclipses are usually associated with releasing what no longer serves you to create new beginnings and spur your personal growth. However, the exact changes that are stimulated will depend quite a lot on the astrological signs that the sun and the moon fall into during the eclipse.

Here are 10 Tips to thrive through affects of recent Lunar activities:

1. Be vigilant about what you focus on, as we do become what we think; thoughts become actions.

2. Be generous in your action; instead of what can I get, focus on what can I give.

3. Focus on anything that makes you feel JOY; meditate, hot baths, a walk in the forest, sitting by a lake, hugs. Self-care is key.

4. Remember that ‘everything happens for a reason‘, and acceptance for what is will bring peace. Positive action will bring the change you wish to experience.

5. Be prepared to act on situations that cause you stress or imbalance, as they are the teachers. Be fearless when taking action to bring the change you wish to see.

6. Be kind to your physical self, as lunar activity can cause body aches and fatigue; rest.

7. Speak your mind, as holding back on your inner truth will cause excessive imbalance, speak kindly.

8. Remember the Universe works only in our favour, that things do not happen to you, they happen for you.

9. Treat yourself gently as when you nourish the inside, the outside will flourish.

10. Experience is the best way to learn, and everything you go through is preparing you for what you asked for. Watch what you ask for!

This last eclipse marks the ending of the lunar tetrad cycle along the Libra-Aries axis that began in April of last year. Each of these eclipses has challenged us in different ways to assert our own personal needs, while also recognizing the importance of caring for others. Since this cycle began, many of us have experienced intense personal and relational challenges and growth.

Many relationships are barely recognizable compared to where they were when this cycle began last year. It is time to reflect upon these changes, transformations, births and deaths, and integrate how they shape your path for the future. Be assured that this last eclipse will not happen again until 2033!

With endings, come new beginnings.

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