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During this time Mercury, appears to be going backward and indeed it moves through an Astrological sign backward. Since Mercury rules communication, mental activity and traveling we should be more careful to check details and have patience with communication devices going haywire. Often all of our communications and projects seem delayed by circumstance or confusion. Maybe leave extra time to get where you are going as well. Mercury rules the mind, mental processes and all forms of communication.

Usually we function in the real world from our left brain which is logical, practical, rational. Our right brain controls intuition, art, spirituality and creativity.

When Mercury goes retrograde imagine these two sides of our brain reversing!

For all believers, this is a fine time to draw on knowledge and guidance from deeper levels of consciousness. Use Mercury retrograde periods to complete unfinished and often long neglected projects. You can reflect on old issues in a new way from which new perspectives can be developed.

Mercury retrograde from:

  • January 21 -February 11
  • May 18 -June 11
  • September 17-October 9

This can be a very good time for introspection and meditation, seeing old friends, and creative endeavors. Catch up with things that have been left undone. This is a great period to re-mind, re-view, re-think and re-connect.

For all the non-believers, the saying is: “Here we go again”!.

That pesky phenomenon that strikes fear in the heart of otherwise fearless people – Mercury Retrograde has arrived! What is Mercury Retrograde?

It’s an illusion! Mercury doesn’t move backward at all ever. Mercury retrograde is an optical illusion from our position in the solar system. There is no retrograde, ever. Mercury retrograde is a BELIEF system created around an optical illusion.

Think about it… It’s the superstition around this small planet and it’s small fast orbit that will get you. If you believe in the superstition of Mercury Retrograde, you are planning for some lofty disasters and taking lots of precautions. You expect the disruptions and when they show up you know who to blame.. that pesky Mercury!

In actuality, you create your experience with your focused attention and you get what you expect.

mercuryupsidedownDon’t focus on and believe in the superstiton and it won’t show up for you. You’ll barely notice that the planet is in it’s “backward phase“. What’s really going on is that Mercury is on the other side of it’s orbit and because it’s orbit is smaller than the Earth’s, we see all of it’s orbit. As Mercury loops around the Sun it’s orbit is inside of the Earth’s and it appears to move backward because it makes it’s loop around before we do.

Take a look at the video below to see how Mercury’s orbit looks to us:

Unless you are living under a rock you are likely aware that we are now experiencing what is known as a Mercury Retrograde. Unfortunately, due to commonly circulated beliefs and discussions about this auspicious astrological occurrence you give up your power during this time.

It’s time to take your power back from Mercury and it’s retrograde!

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